Right Safety Vest Will Help Surveyors Work Better

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Surveyors work in risky workplaces like real estate, construction sites, and civil engineering industries. Given the kind of risk involved in their work, they are required to wear safety gear to keep them protected. This is why they need high-quality and durable high visibility surveyor vests.

This type of vest is designed to keep workers safe in high-traffic areas, especially when they are working in low-visibility conditions.

In this post, we will examine why surveyor wears Surveyor Safety Vest and how it helps them work better.

Why surveyor’s safety vests are important?

Surveyors often have to work around construction equipment, in railways, or remote areas. Low visibility can make these places dangerous for surveyors to work in. From hunters to drivers and everyone else on a busy street need to have a clear signal those surveyors are present in that spot. This is where high-visibility surveyor safety vests come in.

These high visibility surveyor vests feature ultra-bright colours with reflective stripes to provide an instant visual signal to people in a far-off distance. These vests are designed in compliance with the ANSI 107 high visibility safety standard.

Important Features of Surveyor Safety Vest

A high-quality surveyor safety vest should have certain important features. This includes:

  1. Bright fluorescent colour

Surveyor safety vests are available in bright fluorescent colours so that they can be visible clearly from a far-off distance. It should also have high reflective trims that help enhance the surveyor’s visibility. These vests are easily visible both during the day and night.

  1. Multi-functional pocket

Surveyors are required to carry various important tools during work. This is why having multi-functional pockets on surveyor safety vests are important. Different pockets are needed to fit different tools, such as pens, maps, notepads, and other measurement tools.

  1. Mesh breathable fabric

Surveyor safety vests should be made of mesh breathable fabric to allow air to pass through easily. Surveyors work in unfavourable conditions for long hours. This is why they need something breathable to wear.

Surveyor Safety Vests From GOGO

If you need high-quality surveyor safety vests, here are some popular options for you from GOGO:

  1. GOGO 9 Pockets High Visibility Zipper Front Safety Vest: Made of 100% polyester lightweight and breathable fluorescent polyester fabric.
  2. GOGO Asian Unisex Volunteer Safety Vest: Comes with high-density plastic zipper front closure and two multi-functional pockets.
  3. GOGO Customized 9 Pockets High Visibility Reflective Safety Vest: One of the best safety vests made of 100% polyester breathable and lightweight polyester fabric with high-density plastic zipper front closure.
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