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Responsibilities of a Social Housing Manager

Social housing sector could be a wonderful career option for job seekers. It could prove exciting for many youngsters. As most of the graduates are barely aware of this highly rewarding and satisfying career option, in this article we discuss a few points you should know.

Read on the list of responsibilities of a housing manager and if the role of a housing manager excites you, then start honing your skills. Submit your resume to a top housing recruitment consultancy so that you don’t have to bother about searching for the vacancies. And devote your entire time and energy for preparing yourself for the interview of the post.

Taking care of tenancy – As a housing manager, it would be your responsibility to take care of every aspects of tenancy. It would be you who will interview the tenants and see whether they fulfill the most-in-need criteria of your organization. You will need to educate the prospective tenants about the tenant-landlord relationship and also tell them the benefit of buying a house. Once you decide to rent a house to a certain tenant you will be responsible for setting rent and assuring that the rent is received on time. You will need to design a policy to minimize rent arrears.

Taking care of the properties – Not only the tenants but the property they live in will also be your responsibility. You will be responsible for inspecting the houses and then processing the order for repair and renovation. The repairs ordered by you will also need to be supervised by you only. No one, but you, will be responsible for managing the loans and grants for the home repair and improvement projects. In addition to taking care of the rented houses, you will also have to point the unused properties and order their demolition if required. You will plan the new build-up schemes using existing stock or manage new builds if you can from the rent income of existing properties.

Taking care of the legal requirements – When you rent houses to tenants, there could be situations such as a tenant may breach the contract. In those situations, you will be required to take legal action against the defaulter and make them evict the property if that is the solution. If not breach of contract, some tenants may disturb the other tenants for no reason. As you are acting as the landlord you will need to hear the problems of the tenants. If required, you will have to manage nuisance order, prepare the case and also attend the court hearings. Taking care of legal requirements also includes taking care of unauthorized occupancy, abandoned tenancy, breach of leasehold agreement etc.

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