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Repairing His Reputation Did Not Last Long: Tiger Gone Wild

In early December of 2009, Tiger Woods appealed to the public after his big scandal. The media peace together individual and broken stories about a fight with his wife, a broken car window, a car accident, and women coming forward. Woods was the PGA’s very own train wreck. In a public statement, the professional golfer said that he had multiple relationships with other women throughout his marriage. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, Woods was no in a healthy place. He was going to take time away from the sport to focus on his personal relationships and himself.

His efforts to repair his reputation were commendable said experts at Online Reputation Repair. The company handles large variety of online and offline reputation scandals. The majority of their services and strategies are only applicable online. However, with their online efforts, they need to make sure their clients offline behaviour measures up to their efforts. Therefore, they also offer coaching and behavioural consultation related to decision making (individually and for companies). For the next couple of years, Tigers reputation was on the rise. He made efforts to repair his relationships within the PGA as well. Despite his personal efforts, his body was not holding up. The professional began encountering knee problems and herniated discs. As a result, he never returned to the golf course as the golfer he was before his reputation downfall. Nonetheless, he had regained most people’s respect. It is hard to overlook his 14 Major tournament wins and many golf records. His redemption was so sweet that Monday mornings DUI arrest came as a shock to many fans including some employees at Online Reputation Repair.

It is understandable that news surfaces about you when you’re always in the spotlight. One would think that Tiger learnt his lesson in 2009 Was is even more disappointing for fans and the PGA is the Woods promised in his previously discussed statement that he would work on himself. Does a DUI reflect that? The emotional rollercoaster of fame and losing everything you had is overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with those emotions internally. Is it normal to always appear “together”? What does the spotlight and media do to celebrities? Fans around the world can only wait until Woods begins to repair his reputation this time around.

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