Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent Trikes: Adult Tricycles For A Different Riding Experience

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The demand for tandem recumbent trikes has been steadily increasing in recent years. If you are in the bicycle business, you must know what recumbent trikes are and how they are different from traditional bikes.

Recumbent trikes are also known as recumbent tricycles as they have three wheels. These are adult tricycles with unique designs. Instead of a standard upright seating position, it features a reclined seating style which is more comfortable to ride. It allows the rider to almost lie down while riding the bike. This is the most distinguishing feature of a recumbent trike.

Some recumbent trikes are powered by batteries. These are called electric recumbent trikes and use lithium-ion batteries to operate. You should look for lithium battery wholesale to provide the best quality batteries with your recumbent trikes.

Recumbent Trike With A Unique Design

Recumbent trikes are known for their unique riding style. Instead of sitting on a saddle seat with your body hunched over the handlebars, you ride the bike in a semi-reclined position.

This particular style of riding distributes the body weight over a larger area. This allows for a more comfortable riding experience with your legs in the front. Not only that, but it also reduces body fatigue.

Given the rising popularity of recumbent trikes, it is worth having them in your showroom. Customers are bound to show interest when they see something as unique as a recumbent trike.

It’s An Adult Tricycle

Unlike a traditional bike, a trike has three wheels for better balance and stability. It’s the perfect adult tricycle ever made. Anyone can ride a recumbent trike regardless of height and weight. Don’t forget that it is mainly designed for adults.

With a recumbent trike, you no longer have to place your foot down when stopping or slowing down the bike. Additionally, it is equipped with a comfortable seat, so you can ride it for long hours without feeling body fatigue.

If you want to offer something new and unique to your customers, a recumbent trike would be the best option for you.

No Front Handlebars

Yes, you read that right! The design of a recumbent trike is such that it doesn’t require front handlebars to control the bike. Instead, it comes with under-seat steering. It has a steering bar fitted underneath the seat that will help riders to control the bike.

The steering bar has short handlebars on both sides that allow the rider to place their hands in a more natural position. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to use your arms to determine the direction you want to go.

Fast And Comfortable Riding

Besides being a comfortable ride, a recumbent trike also provides good speed. It holds a world speed record for a bike.

Recumbent trikes are faster because of their aerodynamic profile that helps cut through the air. This is something that is missing in upright bikes. With a recumbent trike, you can cruise as fast as your legs can go. If it’s an electric trike, the speed will depend on the motor.

Safe Or Not

Recumbent trikes are safer than you think. Due to its low center of gravity, it is difficult to tip over. Even if you fall from it, you are much closer to the ground. As a result, you won’t get any serious injuries.

With a recumbent trike, you are less likely to land on your head. Plus, it eliminates any tipping over or wobbling when you come to a stop.


Recumbent trikes are more like futuristic versions of upright bikes. It’s the perfect ride for adults or anyone with back issues. Having a bike like this in your showroom is surely going to bring you some good sales.

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