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How to Record Expert Interviews Via Video Call

Interviews Via Video Call

Conventional expert interviews can be challenging to record, and the preparation required to set up a face to face interview is fairly involved. Recording the interview via a video call is definitely easier by comparison, but you still need to know how to go about it.

Setting Up the Screen Recording

As you are aware, you’ll need to use screen recording to capture the video footage of the call and save it. Typically any screen recorder will let you record Skype calls or calls on any other platform, but for example you could try Movavi Screen Recorder.

Insofar as the setup goes, there are a few areas to consider:

  • Record in full screen

As a rule you should try to expand the video call to full screen, or as large as possible. The resolution of your video will be the same as the resolution of the area that is recorded, so you want it to be as high as possible.

  • Capture microphone and system audio

To record both ends of the interview, you need to capture the system audio as well as audio from the microphone. Some screen recorders will let you save the audio separately, which may make editing easier later on.

  • Increase the frame rate

Setting the frame rate as high as possible will help make the video look smoother. However the frame rate will be limited by the video call itself which may not have a high frame rate.

Preparing the Interview Setting

While less involved than a face to face interview, some basic preparations will be needed to the setting that you’re recording the interview. Ideally both the interviewer and interviewee will want to:

  • Make sure there is plenty of light in the location they’re sitting, ideally with three point lighting.
  • Place something white in the frame or wear a white shirt to improve the white balance.
  • Eliminate as much background noise as possible, especially from other nearby electrical appliances.
  • Attach the microphone firmly so that it doesn’t move, and consider using a stand or clip-on microphone.
  • Test the internet connection to make sure the video call doesn’t lag, and close any other apps that may be using it.

If you’re interviewing an expert who has been interviewed via video calls in the past, it is likely that they’ll know all this – so all you need to worry about is the preparation on your end.

As you can see despite the fact that recording interviews via video calls is easier, some preparation is still required. By taking the necessary steps however you should end up with an expert interview that looks a lot more impressive and its quality should be miles better than it would be otherwise.

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