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Ray Ban- A brief rich history

Ray Ban one of the classic eyewear’s having a very interesting history. The Ray Ban sunglasses were first made for the aviator pilots by Bausch and Lomb Company who regularly complained about the distraction caused by the sunny blue sky. From that time onwards its popularity grew drastically and Ray Ban became the brand that it is today.

Popular varieties

There are many varieties of sunglasses that are available under the brand name today. If you want to choose beyond Wayfarers and Aviators, you can choose from many of them. There are lens shape like Butterfly, Retro, Square shaped, Round, Rectangle, Ovals, Wrap and many more.

You can choose also as per your purpose, like there are different eye wares for driving, flying or leisure.  Then for each sex, there are different and diverse products available. Ray Ban manufactures have improved the design of the sunglasses keeping in mind your face type that is why the Ray Ban is so much loved. The company also has a Ray Ban junior section where you can buy for the children. The prescription glasses are also popular product of the company. You can take the results of your eye test to the Ray Ban store and choose a good spectacle for yourself.

Vibrant colors

The sunglasses come in many rich colors like Black, Blue, Green, Mirrored, Red etc. There is also an option to choose from the color changing glasses where the lens will detect the weather and change its color. This variety can cost more.

Style in budget

The Ray Bans are not only for the ultra rich but also for a person on a budget. They cost on an average anywhere from 140 AUD to 200 AUD. This will not cause any dent in your pocket. Today, the company is owned by the Italian sun glass company Luxottica, which already has many big eye wear brands under it. This helps to always bring improved products to the market.

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