Rats Are Too Flexible, As They Can Climb Through Anything In Search Of Food

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Like flies, rats also carry a lot of diseases with them as they love to pass through filthy areas. Their body is too smooth and soft, which helps them squeeze through anything. Now rat entry points are primarily seen in the holes they had created with their sharp teeth in order o get a smooth entrance.

Sometimes we forget to close our doors, so if there is a drain on the street, rats can enter from it and create a significant mess around the world. So as most, they used gutters, so you can imagine how much dirt they can be. So they have fast pace and extremely strong sharp teeth by which they can form a hole in doors, boxes, cupboards and even a few tin containers. So they shred papers in search of food, and if you have kept anything open, they will surely enjoy a lovely feast leading to food poisoning or plague.

Now they are primarily in search of food, so sometimes they are seen climbing up the drain pipes in search of food as they can smell the food in there. Most of us have the habit of throwing food in the sink, which passes through the drain but sometimes it creates clogging. Now, if the vent s big enough, it can be a rat entry point.

Now how to stop rats climbing drain pipes? There are various ways to work on those.

Firstly, the drainage system must be sealed, which means there must not be any opening in the middle or at the end; it must be attached to the bottom so the sewage system can go underground.

Secondly, within the pipes, there must be a barrier so that the rats cannot pass through such tiny holes or nets.

Thirdly, So rat infestation is deadly, so there are experts in drainage systems who will help us get rid of those rats. These people are active 24×7, so they try to locate the rats by placing the CCTV cameras, and once they have located they will take action on it, due to which rats can hardly be seen. So their service is a bit costly, but they complete the work impeccably.

Now there are a few rat traps which can also be used, but they are clever animals to fall on, and it is a bit hectic as well, as you don’t know in which place they are upto some expedition. So it’s better to take preventive measures before.

  • Try to close all the holes in your house.
  • Keep your house clean
  • Don’t throw food in the drains
  • Try to cover your food, as rats can climb anywhere.

Plumbers will also help you fix the vent in your drain, which will restrict the rats from climbing up and give you a powder which will help you get rid of rats, as those powders are too toxic for them. So if you are worried about how to stop rats from climbing the drain pipes, follow these few steps to cast aside the rats from your life.

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