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QVC vs Hsn: What Are the Differences?

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The home shopping industry is expected to be worth an enormous $11.2 trillion by 2030, and two of the biggest players in this market are QVC and HSN.

But what are the differences between these massive home-shopping companies? If you’re looking to grab a bargain, you’ll only want to shop with a top-class brand that can offer you the best value for money.

You’ll be glad to hear both of these companies are popular with their customers and are excellent choices if you’re looking to make a purchase. However, you may want to take note of some aspects where they differ.

Let’s dive in and learn more.

Product Ranges

Both companies sell a huge range of beauty and fitness products, although you can also buy goods related to fashion, gardening, and electronics amongst others. Each business also has exclusive deals with specific brands, which could be vital if you want to buy a particular company’s products.

One of the differences between the QVC channel and HSN channel product ranges is that some people would consider the QVC offering to be a bit more high-end. It may be worth checking out both businesses’ category lists while you decide where to buy your goods.

Customer Service Levels

It’s important to read about customer service levels before buying from QVC or HSN. After all, if there is an issue with your purchase and the company is unhelpful, this can be frustrating and upsetting. While both firms have quite similar ratings in this area, you may feel more comfortable buying from the one with the highest customer service score.


QVC and HSN offer reasonable prices, and you can also benefit from sales and discounts at various times during the year. You may find HSN offers more discounts and that you can get better deals than if you were shopping with QVC, but this could depend on how many sales you notice happening when they occur.

It’s also worth noting that both companies offer the option to spread the cost of payments when you make a purchase.

Additional Services

It might not be an important factor, but QVC offers a gift-wrapping service. If you’re in a hurry, or just want your gift to be nicely wrapped, you may appreciate this additional service that could make your life easier.

Decide Which Business You Prefer Between QVC vs HSN

Choosing between QVC vs HSN is ultimately a personal choice. While some customers may prefer the higher-end product range of QVC, others may be more impressed by HSN’s lower prices. It’s hard to separate the two retailers when it comes to customer service, but QVC just edges ahead when it comes to offering extra services.

Whatever company you decide to shop with, you can bag great deals throughout the year.

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