Purchasing Jewelry

Purchasing Jewelry with Caution

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Purchasing Jewelry

Purchasing gold jewelry is not just a great addition to your accessory collection, but it is also a great mode of investment. And in India where the popular opinion is unconditional love for gold, gold purchases generally refer to one thing: jewelry. Every festive season, there’s a sharp inclination in the gold prices and we tend to see gold ornaments around on almost any festive occasion, be it birthdays, festivals, parties, or anniversaries. It is the kind of metal that catches our attention immediately. People end up in shops with requests that are either very vague or as specific as gold chain designs with price on your favorite online shop. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind certain things when buying gold jewelry. Some of them are listed below.

Checking purity:

The immaculateness of gold is meant in karats, with 24 karat gold being 99.9{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} unadulterated and 22 karat gold being 92{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} unadulterated. Each karat gold is proportional to 4.2{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} unadulterated gold, which fundamentally implies that 14 and 18 karat contains just 58.33{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} and 75{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} unadulterated gold individually. 24 karat gold isn’t suited to make gems, which is the reason gem dealers utilize either 14, 18 or 22 karat gold. Purchasing gold without checking its purity is a no-no and it generally pays to check virtue before separating with your well-deserved cash. Trademark means that virtue of gold and it is prudent to buy hallmarked adornments, as these pieces are tried by skilled offices.

Making charges:

A making charge is related with each bit of gold adornments, which is basically the work charge engaged with making it. Making charges are an impression of current gold rates and one could be fleeced into paying higher making charges that would normally be appropriate. Demanding settled making charges could make gold buys less expensive and would be the more brilliant approach.


If you remember seeing ornaments named as gold bangles designs in 10 grams with price, it’s because most gold jewelry in India is sold by weight, with heavier pieces costing more. Diamond, emerald and other precious stones are often added to gold jewelry, making them heavier in the process. Jewelers weigh a piece in its entirety, which means that one might end up paying for gold which is not actually there and it is imperative to keep this in mind while purchasing studded jewelry.


Gold purchases peak amid specific events, which constantly push up gold costs. It is keen to buy gold gems amid offseason when costs are low and rebates are bounty. This way you reap the benefits of your investments.


India has a large number of gems stores, little and enormous, taking into account its population. Buying gold adornments from little stores could be a hazard as they may pass of impure gold as pure gold or could sell stolen gold artifacts. It pays to go to a reputed jeweler to purchase gold as there is a guarantee about such purchases.

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