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Protect Your Eyes With A Pair Of Blue Blocker Transition Glasses

Light is an important part of life. It’s the medium through which we see the world around us. But while its benefits are immense, it can be harmful in its own way. That is why opticians recommend use of Blue blocker transition glasses. Why, you ask?

Light is made of both visible and non-visible light. UV rays are an example of non-visible light. Visible light consists of orange, yellow, indigo, violet and blue light which ranges from blue-turquoise to blue-violet.

Blue light is emitted by the sun and your everyday electronic devices such as phones, computers and LED lights. Blue turquoise light has various health benefits and is responsible for controlling your sleep/wake cycle. Blue -violet light however, is harmful and can lead to eye strain, eye damage, blurred vision, loss of vision and even disrupt your sleep/wake cycle resulting in restlessness and fatigue. It therefore goes without saying that we ought to protect our eyes.

Blue blocker transition glasses help filter out these harmful rays by absorbing some of the blue light. They are much better than your everyday clear glasses or computer glasses. They are stylish, and have no colour distortion and will not compromise on clarity. Indoor glasses will protect you from harmful blue light emitted from your devices whether you are working on your computer of playing your favourite video game. But while we are quick to judge our electronic devices the biggest culprit is the sun. It produces blue light that is over 100 times more intense compared to electronic gadget. You may have noticed that you squint when you go out. Well that is a defence against harmful light and the sun’s glare. Getting outdoor transition glasses will go a long way in protecting your eyes. They work by darkening your surroundings, but don’t be alarmed your vision is still clear.

So if you are looking for a way to keep your eyesight on point, then consider getting a pair of blue blocker transition glasses and enjoy the long term benefits.

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