Pros And Cons Of Counterfeit Watches

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Counterfeit watches (นาฬิกาก๊อป, which is the term in Thai) are the replica of the reputed watch brands like Rolex, Hublot, Omega, Cartier, and many more. Surprisingly, the demand for replica watches is soaring day by day as companies have sharpened their skills in crafting replica watches flawlessly.

The main reason behind the demand for replica watches is that they look the same as the original ones and are available at a much lesser price than the branded ones. However, although a counterfeit watch is cheaper than the original one, it costs a considerable price which may not be affordable for all.

To resemble the replica watch to the original one, manufacturers use high-quality metals, cutters, tools, and types of machinery to produce the copied version. The task is not easy at all. The top-class designs, technologies, and unique patterns are truly difficult to copy. Thus, even the replica watches cost quite a lot.

Naturally, there are controversies regarding counterfeit watches. Some find it beneficial and some people strictly oppose the concept of making copy watches. Here we would briefly discuss both pros and cons of replica watches.


  • The first benefits go to the buyer as they get the watches that look similar to the original one at a cheaper price. This is a great way for the customers to save money as well as get the replica watch of the brand they like.
  • Another part is that it is hard for anyone to define a fake watch if bought from reliable sources. Thus, customers get a finished and polished product on their hands.
  • It has developed an entire industry producing new job opportunities for people. Worldwide, many manufacturers have employed people in producing replica watches.


  • It is illegal to make replica watches as the brand never permits them to do so. This is a huge reason why conscious customers stay away from buying counterfeit watches.
  • No matter what, the replica watch never looks exactly like the original one. Initially, people may not notice the differences and consider it as the real one but if they observe closely, they would find a flaw.
  • The biggest problem is that the replica watches don’t run long. Because the advanced tools used by brands can never be accessed by counterfeit watch manufacturers. Thus the quality of the watch degrades.

Now, it is your decision whether you would like to buy a replica watch or not. The choice is yours!

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