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Propane vs Electric Water Heater: What Are the Differences?

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Did you know that Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer, invented the modern-day water heater in 1889? The gas water heater storage system was only patented in 1897 after Ruud founded a company with several other engineers.

Water heaters are a staple in almost every home worldwide. But there are two main types of water heaters you need to choose from when you have one installed.

So, keep reading to find out which heater will win when it comes to propane vs electric water heater.

What Kind of Power Does Your House Use?

Depending on what your house currently uses for heating or to power kitchen appliances might make the decision for you. If your home uses propane as a power source, it will make sense to switch to a propane water heater. You’ll simply need to have the propane water heater installed and up the order of your regular propane deliveries.

If your home runs solely on electricity, it might not be worth it to switch to propane even with the benefits propane water heating has. Unless propane is already being used in some capacity, it just doesn’t make sense to switch to propane.

Which Saves Money in the Long Run?

With water heating accounting for 18% of the average U.S. household’s annual utility bill, it makes sense to not only look at the initial installation costs. When it comes to initial costs, an electric water heater is much cheaper to install.

But, over time, a propane water heater will save more on your utility bill since they are so efficient. While a propane heater has a much higher initial cost, in the long run, you’ll be able to see some substantial cost saving with this type of heater. While you will need to spend some money to save money in the future, when it comes to annual savings, a propane heater will always win.

That being said, if your electric water heater is still in good condition, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade to a propane heater. While propane water heaters will save you more money over time, the difference isn’t big enough to throw away a good heater.

So if there is nothing wrong with your current heater, it makes more sense to wait a bit before replacing it. You can even look at electric water heater replacement parts to make your heater last longer.

Propane vs Electric Water Heater Made Easy

When it comes to the discussion of propane vs electric water heater, each person will need to make their own decision on which type best fits with their lifestyle. So once you’ve made a decision, you simply need to contact a professional near you to have your water heater installed as soon as possible.

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