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Producing Custom Company Swag: What You Need to Know

We all know what swag is, but what does it stand for? SWAG is an acronym for, Stuff We All Get.

Swag’s been around for a long time. George Washington gave away swag (buttons) way back in 1789. And the most expensive swag?

That would be the swag bags that nominees for the 2021 Oscar Awards received worth $205,000 each. Nice!

But besides providing free t-shirts and pens to half the world, what is custom company swag meant to do? Who is it for?

Swag works three ways, but it’s all based on promoting your company. And does it work? With over $25 billion in swag sales reported, the answer appears to be a resounding yes.

Let’s take a look at swag. How it works, what it does, and separating good swag from swag destined-for-the-wastebasket.

Welcome Aboard Swag

This is free swag given to company employees and is often part of a new employee onboarding process. It’s advertising, of course, but it has a couple of other purposes.

Manage company swag well and it helps to create a sense of team and builds loyalty among employees. Done right it fosters a positive attitude towards company goals.

Thoughtful swag, swag which makes the work easier or more pleasant, is always appreciated. Hydration bottles or headphones to use while working are winning ideas.

Thanks For Your Business Swag

These are company-branded gifts given to customers on holidays, customer appreciation days, or as appreciation all year long.

Depending on the type of business and the value of the sales, swag in this category can range from pens (surprisingly effective) to expensive, one-off items.

We Want Your Business Swag

This category of swag is often used as part of a customer/client acquisition program and can be very original. It’s designed to get – and – keep the prospect’s attention, so creativity counts.

The best ideas reflect the company’s philosophy and strengths.

Promotional Swag

These are the less expensive (usually) swag items given away at trade shows, as part of a direct mail campaign, or as a thank you for purchase.

The toy in a McDonald’s Kid Meal? That’s swag.

Company Store Swag

Your customers love you. Your employees get asked where they got the cool hat or the company fleecy they’re wearing. It might be time to open a company swag store with a link from your website.

company store swag is the best kind of swag. You don’t pay for it and give it away. People buy it and use it. That’s free, paid advertising.

But it only works with high-quality, useful items that people want. People like to feel as though they are part of an exclusive club and sway is a great way to foster that feeling.

Put Custom Company Swag To Work

Custom company swag is always a good idea if it’s appropriate for the purpose. Whether it’s swag for your new employees or promotional swag for the public, swag has been here since Washington ran for president because it works!

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