Printing, Packing, And Shipping Tips For Your Business

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Printing, packing, and shipping is the most satisfying part of the business. But for a few others, these are the most difficult tasks. To help businesses sort out things, here are a few tips and tricks and ways to use various apps like stock inventory apps (โปรแกรมสต๊อกสินค้าฟรี, which is the term in Thai).


First, know about various printing methods. Choose a common color to use for every package. Your cover (ใบปะหน้า, term in Thai) sheets must have a very strong and attractive look. Printing can’t be done manually. Even though it can be done, it takes much time and effort.

So, it’s mandatory to choose printing sheets. If you are planning to start with a lot of investments then print your brand logo on your packing boxes or sheets. Note down all your requirements, compare them with your budget and then choose the best printing methods. Also, make sure that your brand logo or images are clear and with high resolution. This is because as you’ll be printing your logo on paper or whichever material, it must be clear enough.


Here’s a small suggestion for your packing. Most people love aesthetic packaging. So, if you are still working out on packing choose cover sheets that are attractive and aesthetic. If yours is a small business then go with normal cardboards and packing cover. If you are planning something big and want to impress your customers at first look then you can use colored cardboards or cardboards with your brand logo and image. Pack your goodies properly and with perfection.

Make sure that they are arranged neatly. You can try to put various packing styles like using cardboards, plastic covers, and paper bags. A pro tip for packing is freebies. You can make your customers happier with free goodies. If yours is a small business, then you can give something small and useful. If you are having enough budgets then you can plan for more freebies.


This is the confusing part for most businesses. Shipping is easy if you are handing it over to the courier’s services. But if you are doing it all by yourself then printing invoices and making sure that they are attached to the correct order. You can also use various stock inventory apps to manage your stock and shipping.

Not only for stock management can these apps also be used to know your stock availability which is very helpful to manage your shop or business professionally. If yours is a small business then handing your shipping to the courier’s services is recommended. But if you are having a big business then you can handle it by yourself or with your team.

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