Preparing for the New CCNP and Everything Else That You Should Know About It

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The entire CISCO certification program was updated back in 2019 to cater to the requirements of the new learners of the present networking environment and that ran inclusive of the CCNP as well. The new program was launched and is currently in effect. But how is this change in the certification program relevant to you? The new CCNP renders you better possibilities for certificate customization. The new CCNP also means lesser exams to give an improved scope of recognition.

The Important Updates on the New CCNP To Know

The Important Updates From The New CCNP Program That Will Prove Beneficial For You Are:

·         Five Essential Technology Tracks

You can now access the new CCNP in five standard technologies that run inclusive of the data center, collaboration, service provider, security, and enterprise. You can identify your software development talent and automation through the new DevNet Certified Professional exam.

·         No Need of Prerequisites

Formal prerequisites aren’t needed to begin your certification journey in the new CCNP program. What’s more? You can also give both the concentration and the core exams at your convenience.

·         Single-Core Exam

Every CCNP certification in the new CCNP program needs a couple of exams including one core exam and the other one is the concentration exam based on your preference. This enables you to emphasize your requirements and interests. The standard and foundational concepts that you need as a candidate to become excellent in technology architecture are included in every core exam. However, every individual has different career choices, so concentration exams have been created to let you master your skills.

·         Revise Your Method of Choosing

At every certification level, you are given the scope to revise by garnering continuing education credits or by taking exams or a blend of both methods. Continuing educations provide fresh and crucial options to keep your certifications and skills updated.

·         Get Recognition All Along

After passing your concentration and core exams, you will earn a Specialist certification besides being credited for your progress, on your journey to achieve CCNP.

·         Bonus Points

In every technology track, core exams act as qualifying exams for the CCIE lab exams. This indicates that within 3 years of passing your core exam, you can take and excel at lab exam and concentration exam to earn your expert-level and professional certifications.

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