predictive maintenance vs. preventive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance: The Differences

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What is the difference between predictive maintenance vs. preventive maintenance in the workplace? Both want your equipment productive without letting it break down in the middle of work.

Predictive maintenance isn’t as established as preventive. It is why both serve different purposes and why they look different too. It is crucial to understand the mechanics behind each type of maintenance because it affects how your business works.

Knowing the differences and how they can help you, your company can enjoy them. It won’t break down and leave your employees scrambling to repair it. Keep on reading to know the difference between the two.

What Is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance (PDM) is monitoring equipment to know potential issues before they happen.  Preventive maintenance (PM) is monitoring equipment to prevent issues from happening. These proactive approaches can keep downtime and expensive repairs and can help extend the life of the equipment.

Predictive Maintenance vs. Preventive Maintenance: The Differences

One can schedule preventive maintenance based on time or usage intervals. It means that there is maintenance done whether there are signs of equipment failure.

One can do predictive maintenance based on data collected about the equipment. The data can spot potential issues and can help to extend the equipment’s lifespan.

PM catches potential issues early, but it can be costly and time-consuming. PDM needs access to data and equipment that may available to all.

PDM can be more effective than PM in preventing downtime and expensive repairs.

The Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

PDM has been gaining popularity due to its advantages over preventive care. PDM services schedule interventions and repairs before failures occur, saving time and money. Also, it can help to improve safety by preventing accidents that could occur as a result of equipment failure.

Other advantages include reduced downtime and costs, improved equipment reliability, and better safety. It will continue to grow in popularity as its advantages become more familiar.

The Disadvantages of Predictive Maintenance

It needs a large amount of data to be effective. This data can be hard and expensive to collect.

It only works if the equipment is well-maintained. Otherwise, the data will not be accurate. Inaccurate data causes more problems than it prevents.

Also, it needs more sophisticated equipment and trained personnel than preventive maintenance. As a result, it can be hard to put in place and may not be suitable for all organizations. Finally, it can be distracting if there is no proper planning.

Predictive Maintenance Is the Future

Predictive maintenance vs. preventive maintenance? Which will better serve your purpose?

Predictive maintenance is a form of maintenance based on data and predictive models. Preventive maintenance is a form of maintenance based on scheduled check-ups. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but predictive maintenance is more effective maintenance.

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