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Pool Types: What Is an Infinity Pool?

There are 10.4 million residential pools in the United States. And some of those backyard oases are infinity pools.

You’ve probably heard the term before, and that has left you to wonder: what is an infinity pool, anyway? This special design may be perfect for your home. Here’s a little bit more on this enviable pool shape.

What is an Infinity Pool?

When you think of opulent hotels and sprawling mansions, you imagine a pool that’s just as luxurious. The pool you have in mind is probably an infinity pool.

An infinity pool appears to have no edge on one side. This seamless pool edging makes your pool look like it goes on forever. It gives you a clear view of the landscape and makes your pool look like a natural part of that backdrop.

That’s why so many luxury spaces in enviable locations have infinity pools. People can swim to the edge and safely peer out over cities or cliff edges below. They also blend endlessly into sea and ocean views.

How is an Infinity Pool Built?

With that information in mind, you might be wondering how an infinity pool works. How can the edge fall off like that?

It’s easy to understand how a normal pool works. The four walls of it are built, and then it is filled with water. The walls will always be taller than the water level, thus keeping all of it in place.

In an infinity pool, one side — the infinity edge — is built at water level. That means the water in the pool seems to pour over the edge. This creates a waterfall edge, which is relaxing and beautiful, but may not seem practical.

However, the water that streams over these pool edges doesn’t fall to the ground below. There’s a holding tank built below to catch the water and funnel it back into the pool. This keeps the pool full, and it ensures that no water is wasted, either.

Will My Home Suit an Infinity Pool?

Once a luxury reserved for upscale properties, infinity pools are now found in people’s backyards. You may be ready to install one at your place, too.

An infinity pool can be built in-ground if your backyard has a slight natural slope. If it doesn’t, this slope would have to be created artificially for your space to accomodate an infinity pool.

Why? Because without a slope, it’s hard for your pool builder to conceal the holding tank below. With this angle, though, the pool has a seamless edge, and no one can see the water cascading down — and back into the pool.

Also, keep in mind that it’s not possible to transform a regular pool into an infinity pool. You need that slope to create an infinity pool, first of all. But you also need a fiberglass body for your pool, and you have to select that before you have it installed.

What Pool is Right For Me?

We’ve now answered your question, what is an infinity pool? But only you can figure out if this is the right pool shape and style for you. No matter which type of pool you choose, one thing is for sure: you have plenty of good times and great memories ahead in your backyard oasis.

Be sure to check back with us for more home decor advice — including backyard and garden tips.

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