Pool Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Outdoor Swimming Pool

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Did you know that close to 10% of households have an outdoor pool?

While nobody can deny how much fun private pools are, they take a lot of work to maintain. Not only does proper pool maintenance keep everything safe, but it also ensures that you can extend your pool’s lifespan to the fullest.

Do you complete all the necessary tasks to keep your pool healthy? Keep reading for the ultimate pool care guide so you can perfect your routine.

1. Skim the Surface Each Day

It’s good to get into the habit of using a net to skim the surface of your pool every day to keep the surface clear. Since this schedule isn’t always realistic for the average homeowner, you should at least skim the surface before each swim.

This can help you avoid any icky collisions when you’re trying to float around.

2. Vacuum the Bottom Often

In a perfect world, you would also be able to vacuum the bottom of your pool each day as well. If you have a flexible budget, then it may be worth buying an automatic vacuum that can do all the work for you.

3. Use a Pool Maintenance Kit

Whether you’re dealing with chlorinated or saltwater pool maintenance, you should have a kit on hand that will help you test and balance the pH. While it’s true that saltwater pools require fewer chemicals, you still need to be diligent about testing the water quality on a weekly basis.

4. Clean the Filter

Your pool’s pump is one of the most important tools because it keeps the water circulating. As this water moves around, debris will end up finding its way into the filter.

Emptying out the filter at least once a week will allow your pump to work at full capacity.

5. Brush the Walls Once a Week

The last major maintenance task you should do is brush the walls once a week. This will help prevent algae from growing on the sides of your pool where the water circulation isn’t as strong.

6. Consider Professional Pool Maintenance Services

If all of these chores seem like too much work to manage by yourself, then you should consider hiring a professional who can keep your pool in perfect condition. By Googling phrases like “pool maintenance near me,” you’ll be able to get in touch with incredible companies like

Pool Maintenance Is Essential for Your Safety

Not many people enjoy keeping up with pool maintenance, but these chores will ensure that your swims are as safe and fun as possible. If you follow these swimming pool maintenance tips, then you’ll be able to cover all your bases and have peace of mind.

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