How to get Polish citizenship

How to get Polish citizenship?

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Poland as a European country enables non-EU citizens to become a part of the Polish nation as a result of the Grant of Polish citizenship or Polish citizenship confirmation process.
Those two are the paramount solutions for an individual who would like to become a citizen of Poland and at the same time, get the benefits and duties associated with that. Depending on the type of the process and also a foreigner’s case, it is crucial to meet several basic conditions. That’s what we would like to focus on in today’s article. Check how to get Polish citizenship by descent or by Presidential grant!

Polish citizenship through ancestry – you should know that

According to current legal regulations, Polish citizenship is passed via the right of blood. You probably wonder now what it really means, don’t you? To put it more simply, citizenship is passed from one generation to another. So, if your parents are of Polish origin and at the same time hold Polish citizenship, you also become a citizen of Poland whether you were born here or abroad.

The first problem may arise when it comes to Polish citizens who once decided to emigrate and start a family in a new place. Depending on the date of their moving out, the citizenship could get lost on the way or not. The crucial date is the 19th of January 1920. What does it mean? If you are pretty sure your ancestors were Polish and know they resided in Poland or its former territories after the above-mentioned date, there is an extensive chance you are a Polish citizen too but still do not have your citizenship confirmed.

We have encountered several situations in the past in which an individual found out he has Polish ancestors. In such cases, a foreigner needs to conduct research on citizenship across archives in Europe (of course not on his own) to find out more about his family members.

Before you ask for help, check the Polish citizenship test to confirm your eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent. It takes only a few minutes, but the result obtained will lighten the case a little. After that, the Polish Citizenship Experts will contact you and make the confirmation process as smooth as possible. If your ancestors did not lose their citizenship, as evidenced by the documents found, then you will be able to apply for Polish citizenship through ancestry.

The process of Polish citizenship confirmation might look complicated. Believe us, it is not at all! Once you have proof of your origin, becoming a fully-fledged citizen is just a formality. In such a case, the Voivode has the competence to confirm an individual’s citizenship based on the documents attached with the official motion.

Grant of Polish citizenship – what requirements an individual has to meet to get Polish citizenship by naturalization?

Grant of Polish citizenship, also called naturalization, applies to foreigners who are not of Polish origin. In such cases, there is no formal list of requirements to be met before a person decides to apply for Polish citizenship. The President of the Republic of Poland acts as a Head of the State which means he is the one to grant a foreigner citizenship. The President of Poland resolves which arguments stated in an official motion are enough for him to issue a positive consent.

Do not think it is that easy to get Polish citizenship by naturalization! If you have strong connections with the Polish nation, you are on a great way to become a fully-fledged citizen of Poland. The Grant of Polish citizenship most often involves the individuals who speak the Polish language, run a business in Poland or live here for a long time. What’s important, Polish roots are not required.

However, if you can demonstrate a strong relationship with our country, you should also ask Polish Citizenship Experts for help with the whole process. A final motion should be lodged at the President’s office. Once you receive a positive decision, you become a Polish citizen.

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