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Points to Remember before Selling or Trading-in Old Mobile Phones

Selling or exchanging your old mobile phones is the best way to reduce junk as well as earning a considerable amount of money for purchasing the latest gadgets or for other requirements. Getting the old phone replaced is a common practice among the young generation. However, they mostly seem confused regarding where to sell their old mobile phones and how to do it. Also, they are puzzled as to whether they will get a good amount on their old phones or not. Here, we will talk about all this and a little more. Ultimately, the intention should be to quit the bad habit of throwing it off to the landfill and harming the environment.

If you are looking to trade-in your old mobile phones for cash, there are many options to do it. Nowadays, most major phone carriers have their own trade-in programs like the Apple trade-in program or Samsung trade-in program to name a few, where you can trade-in your old phones and get a certain credit amount that can be used on purchasing new devices from that carrier. For example, you may opt for Apple iPhone trade-in for your old iPhones or if you have Samsung smartphones, you can choose Samsung trade-in options.

Before choosing to sell your old devices or opting for any trade-in programs, the first thing that you should check is the condition of your current device. The amount you will get for your device is based on the following factors:

  • The Current State of The Phone – whether the phone is good and usable or it is damaged.
  • Phone Age – whether the phone is relatively new or pretty old like more than 3 years.
  • Phone Brand – whether the phone is of a premium brand or new brands which has launched recently.
  • Phone Color – whether the phone has a popular color that can easily attract prospective buyers or the color has faded out.

You can get a good amount for your phone if your device passes the conditions mentioned above. However, there are some more points to know and remember before selling your old mobile phone. They are:

  • Raid the Closet: This is a fantastic step to earn a little more than you have thought. So, if you are thinking about selling one old phone, then raid your closet and other hidden places to find out if there are other electronic devices which you can sell to earn more cash.
  • Old Phone: If you have an old model or a badly cracked phone, then you should try to find out how much you will get by trading that in before it loses any more value over time. Most trade-in programs run by various companies will not accept broken devices. The phone should be at least in a working condition for it to be applicable for trade-in.
  • Compare: This is a very important step to be followed before selling or trading-in old phones. The price of the phone is determined by the current condition, the carrier and the phone model. There are hundreds of websites present online that accepts old mobile phones and the requirement for each website is different than that of other websites. Therefore, before selling your old devices you must take time to research and compare different websites and choose the best deal present for your phone. In that case, you will earn more than what you had thought previously.
  • Payment Information: Whether you will get paid by cash, card or gift vouchers should be known to you before dealing. Some big shot manufacturers provide gift cards at the stores. Carriers might deduct the trade-in value from your next phone. Opting an online vendor will introduce you to a different system. They pay only after the item has reached their location, and they have examined the phone completely.

A word to the wise, do not throw your phones away. In this way you will be damaging the environment. Instead of doing that, sell it at a place where they are purchased or send the old devices for recycling. You can serve the planet and also earn some cash for your old devices

Author Bio: John Tiropanis is a blogger writing on latest technology and mobile phone related news. Here he shares the procedures to be followed before selling or trading-in old mobile phones.

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