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Pizza Sauce vs Marinara: What Are the Differences?

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It seems people are taking sides on a lot of topics lately. Of course, it’s vital for people to voice their opinions. Yet, one subject deserves closer discussion: pizza sauce vs. marinara. It’s no joke when you talk to Italian cuisine experts about pizza sauce and marinara sauce.

You might think, what’s the difference, they are both made with tomatoes? Well, if you are making pizza sauce for a homemade pie, you might be surprised by the answer. The same goes if you want the best marinara sauce for your dishes.

So keep reading to find out the difference and which sauce is better for your next meal.

What Is Pizza Sauce?

Combine fresh Italian tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and salt; you have all the ingredients for the best pizza sauce. Note that American pizza sauce will also have various combinations of herbs and spices.

Oregano and basil are often found as staples when making pizza sauce, American style. You might have heard about other added ingredients like fennel seeds and parmesan.

But authentic Italian pizza sauce consists of four uncooked ingredients. The best pizza sauce goes onto the dough uncooked, so the crust does not get soggy during baking.

The pizza sauce also works as a binding agent for the toppings. The thicker your pizza sauce, the better it holds the pie together.

Making pizza sauce is as simple as opening a can of tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes and adding the three other components. Yet, for the best pizza sauce, fresh tomatoes are recommended. And if you are looking for the best pizza sauce, click here for more information.

What Is Marinara Sauce?

If you think of traditional tomato sauce or what we know as spaghetti sauce, you have basic marinara sauce. Marinara is the Italian name for a sauce that gets cooked in preparation. Similar ingredients get used in making marinara sauce, but the main difference is in the cooking.

Fresh basil, garlic, and onion often get featured in the best marinara sauce and, on occasion, carrots and other vegetables. Yet, again, each ingredient gets cooked before going into the sauce. The cooked blend of ingredients produces a thinner consistency for marinara sauce.

Marinara sauce is versatile enough to substitute as a pizza sauce. Yet, a traditional pizza will likely be too thick for pasta dishes until it gets cooked down. At that point, it will essentially become a marinara sauce.

Which Wins In Pizza Sauce vs. Marinara?

It’s difficult to beat marinara sauce when you need a versatile sauce for every Italian meal. Italian have been making marinara sauce for generations. Yet, when the pizza arrived on the scene, a new process became necessary for making pizza sauce to hold the integrity of the pie.

Both have delicious qualities, so the pizza sauce vs. marinara debate will likely rage on. However, no matter which you choose, look for the best pizza sauce and marinara for an authentic Italian taste. And if this article whetted your appetite for great stories, come back and visit this site soon.

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