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Photo Editing Tips for Beginners: What You Should Know

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Today, smartphones account for around 80% of the mobile phones in use around the world. Most (if not all) of these phones are equipped with high-tech cameras, which give traditional cameras a run for their money.

But regardless of how you choose to take your pictures, an important skill to learn is photo editing. Without good editing skills, your images can be lackluster.

Do you want your pictures to be Instagram-worthy? Do you want them to get the maximum number of likes possible?

Then read on for some photo editing tips you should know as a beginner!

Crop Your Photos

Cropping is such a simple yet effective tool. You get a rectangle you can adjust on your photo, and when you hit “crop”, the program will delete everything outside of it.

This can come in handy if you want a closeup of your subject and/or there are distractions in the background. It’s a quick way to improve the composition of your photo.

Get Rid of Noisy Backgrounds

Another way you can create a striking image with great composition is to eliminate noisy backgrounds. Now, there are several ways to do so.

First, you can use the blur tool and drag it over the background. This will soften everything up and draw people’s eyes to the subject.

Or you can use a background eraser. This will get rid of everything outside of your subject. You can then either keep the background blank or insert another image to combine 2 good photos.

Adjust the Brightness and Contrast

Often, we’ll capture pictures that are amazing but are either under or overexposed. Luckily, this is easily fixable!

Bring up the brightness and contrast tools, then experiment with the levels. You’ll want to adjust the brightness first since it can affect the contrast of your picture.

Sharpen Your Images

Do you want to print some of your pictures? Then sharpening them is a must. They might look ok on your computer screen, but when they’re blown up to picture or poster sizes, they can look a little muddy.

Do note that this feature is only intended to fine-tune things. If your picture is blurry, the sharpen tool won’t fix that.

Take Advantage of Presets and Filters

People laugh at influencers for being obsessed with filters, but there’s a reason why they use them: these filters work! After all, they were created to be a quick way to edit your photos, so they’re very convenient to use while on the fly.

Presets can also be handy if you want to edit a whole batch of images but don’t have the time to sit and manually edit them all.

Put These Photo Editing Tips to Good Use

Have these photo editing tips sparked a fire in you? If you now have some fantastic editing ideas, then hop to it. You’ll be able to create images that look like they have a professional touch!

Now that you know how to edit photos, keep browsing our blog page for more useful tips.

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