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Phones with best battery life 2022 – buyer’s guide

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Any of the gadgets on our best telephone battery duration rundown ought to hold you back from stressing over where and when your next charge is coming from. A phone must last at least 11.5 hours through our rigorous battery test in order to be included on this list. In actual use, this results in battery life that lasts all day and more.

Even on smartphones that are less expensive which you can telefona me keste, fast charging has been becoming more and more readily available. Despite the fact that being able to charge a phone in half an hour or even faster can cause you to completely change your charging habits, actual battery autonomy continues to be a top priority; using a flash charge can help you out in situations where there is no power outlet nearby.

Although phones with the longest battery life may not seem like the most exciting feature, a phone with a 100x zoom camera or the fastest processor in the world is of no use if it is dead.

Our team at selected phones with the best battery life that stand out for more than just that spec because we know that the majority of people do not purchase a phone solely on the basis of its battery life. Among our best smartphones and best budget phones, you’ll find many of them.

Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

With a 6,000 mAh battery, the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro should last for a long time on a single charge. However, with a battery life of 15.5 hours in our battery test, this gaming phone exceeds our expectations. Even more impressive is the fact that it did so with the ROG Phone 6 Pro’s adaptive refresh rate enabled, which can be increased all the way up to 167 Hz.

The phone’s battery life extends even further when the adaptive refresh rate is disabled and it is locked at 60 Hz. In our battery test, the phone lasted nearly 16.5 hours. We haven’t seen better battery life in about five years.

The Realme GT Neo 3T

This is currently one of the best deals for the money. While a Poco typically takes the top spot, the Neo 3T won this award due to its superior power autonomy. Additionally, it is a powerful smartphone that ranks among the most dependable in terms of battery life.

The Realme GT Neo 3T has many flagship-quality features, including a 120Hz HDR10+ OLED screen, one of the most powerful Snapdragon chips, the SD870 5G, and numerous cameras.

The Neo 3T has a big 5,000mAh battery that has proven to be very reliable. On a single charge, it gives you the best gaming or multimedia experience. The 80W charger that comes with the device also makes it easy to quickly top off that battery.

There are definitely phones that scored higher, but none of them can match the Neo 3T’s all-around package or battery life, especially given the powerful Snapdragon 870 chipset.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

The Pro Max model in Apple’s iPhone lineup typically lasts a considerable amount of time, but not this long. Because of a major battery and the power the executives highlight of the 4-nanometer A16 Bionic chipset, the iPhone 14 Star Max endures more than 13.5 hours overall. That is the longest an iPhone has at any point held out on a battery test and simply one more explanation we believe the iPhone 14 Ace Max to be the best telephone by and large and surely the best iPhone you can purchase.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

One appealing budget offering is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11. It has a 6.43-inch 90Hz OLED screen and uses the Snapdragon 680 chipset, which is decent despite being behind the curve. Additionally, the back-mounted camera takes decent regular photos. The volume of the stereo speakers is adequate.

We included the Redmi Note 11 because of its 33W fast charging and excellent battery life. You can talk for 37 hours without interruption or watch videos for 20 hours. We do recommend the Redmi Note 11 due to its balanced feature set and excellent battery autonomy. Additionally, its cost is very reasonable.

Moto G Power 2022

Motorola keeps making new versions of the Moto G Power. If the results show that the battery can last for several days, why not? The Moto G Power (2022) lasts a long time in our battery test, just like its predecessors, but it charges slowly like other Moto G series phones.

We are also less enthusiastic about this Moto G Power version than we were about its predecessor, the Moto G Power (2021) due to its clumsy processor. Since it has been on the market for more than 18 months, we have removed that phone from this list of the best phones for battery life. If you don’t mind its older software, you can still find it on sale, usually at a discount.


Without a reliable battery, even the most powerful smartphone won’t get you very far. After all, if you want to use your high-end processors and fancy cameras, you need to keep the lights on.

We have you covered if you’re ready to move up to a new device with more power just search for telefona ne shitje tirane

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