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Peter Loftin – What you need to know about him

Peter Loftin happens to be one of the most well known and respected businessmen in the United States of America (USA). When you consider how much talent the North American country has and a number of brilliant minds that are there in the USA you come to marvel at how successful Loftin has been. He has founded Business Telecom Inc. (BTI), one of the top telecommunications enterprises in the country. Once again when you consider the state of that particular sector in the USA you just marvel at the qualities of Loftin as a businessman and leader in general. He has served as its Chairman as well.

Sharing one’s wealth

One of the top qualities of Peter Loftin as a businessman has been to share his immense wealth with his community. He has taken part as a volunteer in a number of programs and also made large donations as well. He also happens to be a supporter of arts in the region and is a leading patron in that regard. The most telling contribution that he has made in this regard is by helping the city of Raleigh in North Carolina set up BTI Center for the Performing Arts.

Contributions in the artistic domain and beyond

In fact, BTI Centre for the Performing Arts is right now the largest one of its kind between Washington DC, the national capital, and Tampa. Peter Loftin has also been a major supporter of North Carolina Museum of Science as well as the local Police Athletic League. All this shows how much he cares for his immediate community, something that you cannot always say about the businessmen these days. These days, he owns Casa Casuarina in Miami, which also happens to be the leading private club in South Beach. Even in this particular role, he has donated the club for a number of events.

Contributions in the domain of charity

In fact, these events have till date benefited at least 30 charitable organizations in the region. In this day and age of hardcore commercialism and self-interest, this is something that needs to be lauded at every level. He has also served on the National Board of Governors of The American National Red Cross after the fateful and tragic incidents of 9/11. This shows his human side as well. Not many might know but Peter Loftin has also been a major contributor to charities that have benefited veterans of the USA armed forces.

Why men like him matter?

Considering the yeoman services rendered by these brave daughters and sons of the soil it is important that they get every help that they possibly can. This is where one realizes the true importance of someone like Loftin. Loftin can also be counted as being one of the leading contributors to Special Operations Fund that offers college funding to children of Tier 1 soldiers who have laid down their lives in the line of duty. He is also a supporter of Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville at North Carolina.

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