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How To Market Pet Products Effectively?

The growth and development in the pet industry have been tremendous during the past 20 or more years. There has been a huge increase in the sales of companies offering pet products and services. Even the companies that are much smaller in size has grown into stable businesses breaking all expectations. Technology has had a great influence on the pet industry and unless a company is not in a position to market and provide their products and services using digital technology they are sure to be left behind.

Pet Products

Based on the needs of pets and the current trends in the pet industry many new and innovative pet products and services are being invented and introduced into the markets. But, before the introduction of a product, you need to have a good marketing strategy to ensure successful sales. You can check out a wide range of innovative products for dogs at Pet Action.  What are some of the tips to remember to market pet products effectively?

Your target group

Unless your target group gets to see and understand the different pet products and services it will be difficult for you to successfully market your products. You can either organize and host a community event for pets or attend a pet event like a dog show to introduce your pet services and products. You need to reach out to as many people as possible to improve your sales.

Introduce your products at conventions and trade exhibitions of pet industries

Almost all the major trade exhibitions and conventions organized by the pet industry attract hundreds and thousands of attendees and consumers. You can consider renting a stall at such events where your products and services are likely to get a good exposure and sales. Being a part of such events could also result in bulk purchases and orders for your products from distributors, retailers and wholesale dealers.

The price of the products needs to be competitive

Considering that there are a variety of pet products and services in the market that are similar, your product is likely to get compared to other products available. It is quite difficult to find an item that is completely new. In such situations to minimize competition, you need to compare the price of pet products that are similar and set a competitive price on yours.

Direct sales

When it comes to direct sales you can control the distribution of your product and you don’t have to split your profit. You can place an ad in a newspaper or a retail magazine or create a platform online to sell your pet products and services directly. Selling your products through a pet retailer can get you a better exposure but you’ll have to divide or give a share of your profit to the retailer.

Blogs and magazines of the pet industry

Giving samples to the bloggers in the pet industry could get you a good review of your product on their websites. Your pet product is likely to get a good response from consumers considering there are some pet bloggers who are well established with thousands of followers. Placing an advertisement in one of the well-known magazines in the pet industry would give you the opportunity to send them samples of your product. Most of the magazines are willing to review a new product as part of their coverage.

An excellent website

The success of your product, to a large extent, depends on the quality of your website and on how professional it is. Dull and boring websites are likely to turn off your prospective customers. Including photos of High Definition Resolution (HDR) is also important for the product to be successful. Direct sales can be made possible by creating a platform to order online. Including good reviews of your product from professionals, videos, feedback from customers and links to professionals and companies within the pet industry that recommends your products can also benefit the sales of your products.

Marketing of pet products through accounts on social media


Considering the number of people all over the world that are on Facebook, it is one of the best platforms to get connected to a wide range of target groups.  To attract more customers on to your Facebook page and for successful marketing, you can include the following

  • Share videos
  • Interactive discussions
  • Share images of your products
  • Include hashtags
  • Contests
  • Good deals

You can also use blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to market your products.

Your pet product business is likely to be more successful if you are willing to introduce new ideas or changes depending on the present and future needs and wants of your customer. Make sure you do it.

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