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6 Point Checklist To Buy The Perfect Sleeper Sofa

Setting up your new home has been fun so far. You’ve found the perfect apartment at just the right budget in a neighborhood of your preference. And things are finally falling into place. Now it’s time to set-up the interiors just right so that your space reflects your personality. Making smart furniture choices at this stage can really uplift the look of your home. And choosing to buy a sleeper sofa is one such smart decision. However, this is just the first step.

Perfect Sleeper Sofa

While selecting a sleeper sofa a lot of other factors come into play too.  As with any other furniture piece, you must put in a little bit of research to make sure you’re investing in the right product. And we’re here to help you with that. We’ve drawn up a 6 point checklist so that you make the perfect choice which you won’t regret at a later stage.

Type of Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas come in a variety of styles, from basic futons to the more lavish pull-out styles. When you go shopping do a test-run of each of these design options. You’ll be able to zero-in on a style that suits your purpose, matches the space available in your home and is within your budget range. Some styles of sleeper sofas easily available in stores are loungers, Splitback Sofas, 3-fold sofas, dual sofas, and daybeds, to name a few. If you Want the Best Sleeper Sofa? See Our Top 25!

Check the mechanics

A sleeper sofa that’s difficult to handle can be a real embarrassment in front of guests.  It’s very important to try out all the mechanisms of the sleeper sofa before making the purchase. It should be easy to maneuver, the unfolding / refolding process shouldn’t be time-consuming and the overall structure should be lightweight and nimble for easy handling. All these factors will decide the overall ease of functionality of the sleeper sofa.

Decide its primary usage

If your sleeper sofa is just an additional sofa and its primary use is that of a guest bed then focus on its functionality, comfort and utility primarily.  However, if your sleeper sofa is the main sofa in your living room you can get a bit playful and try out more contemporary options. There are many varieties available in new-age fabrics, patterns and colors. Try to select a piece that enhances the living room and makes it lively. In Either way, it’s a useful piece of furniture that has utilitarian value and also looks good.

Size matters

No one wants a furniture piece that’s overbearing and takes up the entire space in the room. So before going shopping measure the area where you’d be keeping your sleeper sofa and check out the color, material and size of the other furniture that’s in the same room. This way you’ll be able to choose a design that fits in well and complements the overall look of the room. Also, don’t forget to measure the doorway. Compact doorways will make it difficult to get in larger sleeper sofas and can lead to unnecessary inconvenience.

Check the quality label

Some important details regarding maintenance and handling of the sleeper sofa will be mentioned on the quality labels of the furniture. Make sure you read these details to get an understanding of how easy or difficult it would be to upkeep the sofa. People with children or anyone who entertains regularly should choose sleeper sofas that are easy to clean, not prone to stains and don’t wear easily.

Also do read the wash care rules. While some parts of the sleeper sofa can be removed and machine washed, other parts will require strict dry cleaning or only vacuuming. Following the instructions will increase the lifespan of the sofa and keep its look intact.

Test the mattress comfort

While most sleeper sofas look comfortable it is also necessary to try it out for yourself. No one wants to wake up with a sore back or a twisted neck. Look out for rough edges that may hurt your hands or legs, the length should be suitable even for tall body types, feel the cushions for extra bumps, check for uncomfortable crevices, sometimes the frame can be felt through the cushion or mattress.

Focusing on these smaller yet vital details while shopping for your sleeper sofa will help make a choice that you won’t regret at a later stage. So go on and get shopping, your new home is just a few steps away from being set.

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