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Features That Make a Pedicure Chair Best Among Others

When you begin the hunt for the pedicure chairs, it may be confusing as you will find many models and designs. Every chair will have different features and the set of features decide the best chair for your spa or salon. There are many brands that even manufacture customized chairs according to your needs. Online stores are the best place to begin your hunt for the best pedicure chair.

Pedicure Chair Best


Massaging feature should be there in your spa chair as it will enhance your business. You will have many clients who would like to enjoy a nice massage while getting their nails done. There are advanced features in massaging chairs also that allows a customer to select different type of massages and massage at different places like only legs or backs or whole body.

Having such an advanced chair will definitely enhance your business and will earn loyal customers.


Cleanliness is a very important factor when you are running a spa, so you need to buy pedicure chairs that have the material which could be easily cleaned. The leather is the best material that is easy to clean and it enhances the look of the chair also. Buying high-quality leather may increase the overall cost, but it would be a good investment.

Foot Bowl

Every pedicure chair will come with a foot bowl that will be placed at the bottom of the chair. The bowl will come in different sizes and shapes, so you need to select the bowl which is most comfortable to the customers. The bowls should have good draining and flushing system so that cleaning becomes easy and it looks clean always. Similarly, there should be a good system to fill the water in the knob automatically.

There are some bowls with advanced features like controlling the temperature of the water in the bowl remotely. This feature is necessary to give more comfort to your customers and make them happy.

All these features contribute together to form the best pedicure chairs, but there are still some luxuries that can be offered to the customer like chairs coming with headphones and iPod, so that customer can enjoy some music while they are getting groomed.

There are many reputed brands who manufacture stylish and good looking spa chairs with the best features to keep your customer happy.

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