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Pallet Wrapping Decoded – To Automate or Not to Automate?

Pallet Wrapping Decoded

Pallet Wrapping

Wrapping for pallets comes in two basic types. There is blown stretch film and cast stretch film. Both types of wrapping are made according to different techniques. The end result is that blown stretch film is rather thick and unclear, whereas cast stretch film is clear with a smooth finish. Which type of wrapping is more suitable depends on the type of wrapping technique your warehouse uses, hand wrapping or machine wrapping. It also depends on the size and type of load which is attached to the pallet.

Pallet Wrappers for Sale

Pallets may be wrapped manually in the warehouse. However, considering the fact that we live in the automated age, this method is becoming obsolete. Is time and labour consuming. There are various different types of machines for wrapping pallets. Some are simply film dispensers. However, their use greatly enhances the performance of labourers, enabling them to accomplish the task more easily and to prepare more pallets for shipping in less time. There is a variety of pallet wrapping machinery available on the market and its worth taking the time to select the perfect piece of machinery in order to enhance the efficiency of your operations. Using a pallet wrap dispenser is more efficient than using human labour alone for the following reasons:

  • A warehouse person applying a roll of plastic film without a dispenser automatically walks backwards around the goods on the pallet, unable to see where they are going.
  • A pallet wrap dispenser is more efficient and uses film more efficiently when wrapping a pallet. The outlay on a pallet wrap dispenser is soon recovered as it will be possible for a single labourer to wrap more pallets.

The doors and windows are laid flat as if on a table and the machines takes care of the wrapping.

Stretch Wrapper for Windows

Certain items like windows and doors need to be wrapped individually. There’s a machine called the stretch wrapper which wraps each of these items separately. It’s good to purchase this machine if a warehouse has a lot of such items to wrap individually, prior to shipping.

Robot Pallet Wrapper

If your warehouse has a large amount of pallets to wrap daily, you might like one of these. This can neatly and efficiently wrap many more pallets per day than a human being could. It consists of an automated (small) vehicle which holds a film dispenser and rotates around the pallet in the same manner as a human being does. But of course, it accomplishes much more than a human worker can.

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