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Online Rummy vs Offline Rummy- Which One Has the Edge?

Rummy is one of the most enthralling games that can help you out in getting over your boredom. It is the game of skills that is played globally online and offline. With time, this game of skills has grown popular worldwide and has over millions of players associated with it. Rummy has gained enough popularity online over the last two decades. If you love to play online rummy games, then there are many websites where you play different rummy games and win exciting rewards. But still, many people prefer playing this game offline. Let us study the differences between online and offline rummy:

Online Rummy vs Offline Rummy – Which One is Better?

People are always debating about rummy. Many of them still enjoy playing it offline, while there are people who love playing it online. Let us debate and find out which form of rummy has the edge over the other.

Various Rummy Variants

One can enjoy playing different variants of rummy online by learning the basic rules about each variant. One can find the tutorials of each variant of rummy available on the rummy website. It’s also easy to find players who prefer playing the same variant as you do.

But in case of offline rummy, there is hardly any chance that each player knows about the rules to play different rummy variants. Also, not every player will like to play the rummy variant that you have chosen unlike online rummy.

Extra Bonuses& Rewards

One of the greatest advantages of rummy websites is that if a new player joins a rummy website, they get a welcome bonus. Moreover, the players who are already the part of rummy website can join ‘refer & earn’ program to get some free chips/rewards on each referral they make. You can even get weekly bonuses and cash rewards for playing rummy games.But offline rummy will never fetches you extra bonuses and rewards.

Online Rummy Games are Multi-Platform Oriented

One of the major benefits of playing rummy online is that you can play online rummy games on any device including, mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Mostof the rummy websites have launched their apps for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphone users. In case of offline rummy, one needs to gather at a specific place to enjoy playing the game of rummy.

Completely Fair Game Play

The player seating is random in case of online rummy and therefore the chances of cheating are just impossible. Also, the random number generator is used to shuffle cards which are then dealt among the players. This further reduces the chances of cheating. But in case of offline rummy, there are high chances cheating and fraud as the game can be controlled by a single player.

The Bottom Line

According to the above debate, online rummy surely has an edge over offline rummy game. You can enjoy playing the rummy game online with different players everytime from the comfort of your home. This is not the case with offline rummy. Whatever be your preference, it’s always a fun filled experience to play rummy!

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