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Online Reputation Management Needed For Woman Fired After Wedding Picture Shoot

In a recent viral story, a couple by the name of Stephanie and Arryn did an engagement photoshoot. Being plus size, Stephanie was unsure about her body image going into wedding planning. So, Arryn suggested that the couple do a photoshoot to show his fiancé how beautiful she is. Surprised, Stephanie loved the images shot by photographer Wolf & Rose Photography. The viral shoot had individuals responding with comments about recognizing the couple’s love and appreciation for each other. Despite how she may be topless (we only ever see her back), the images are intimate and demonstrate that love comes in all shapes and sizes: a very powerful message to individuals facing body image issues and couples that are in love.

Despite the moving shoot, Stephanie got fired from her banking job. This raised a debate about if employers have the right to fire individuals over their personal affairs, posted online or not. Banks and other professional institutions will argue that all employees represent the company within the office and outside the office. The other will argue that personal affairs have nothing to do with the individual’s employment. That is the case of Arryn’s company who supports his shoot with his wife. There is a significant backlash of from bloggers and followers. As a result, the bank that fired Stephanie will likely lose if she sues and will need online reputation management for their future business. If anything, despite that Stephanie worked for a bank, her viral shoot could bring business to the bank. This powerful couple is standing strong and proud of their shoot. Impacting her online reputation, Stephanie will likely find more promising employment elsewhere for her courage, her independence, and ability to overcome obstacles.

Although most say that provocative pictures can ruin one’s online reputation, this case proves that is can be a social movement as well. Online reputation management is a strategy that will make this movement of love and appreciation even more impactful for generations to come.

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