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Office Stationery That You Should Always Keep in Stock

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Did you know that businesses with fewer than 5 employees in the US spend nearly $100 on office supplies each month?

Without office supplies, a business can’t run effectively, making productivity fall behind.

Whether you work at a home office or run a large business, there are certain things that you can’t do without.

Continue reading to discover which office stationery is a must-have to be efficient!

Various Colors and Sizes of Paper

One of the most essential office stationery items you need to order is paper—unless your company has gone green.

Standard printer paper is a must for printing out documents and meeting notes. Depending on your business, you will also need a strong paper supply for invoices, checks, and marketing. Getting different colors and styles of paper can help keep you organized in the office and catch others’ attention.

Sticky notes are another paper product that you should regularly order. Not only are they convenient for remembering tasks, but they also help you organize.

Paper-Binding Products

Do you know what staplers, binder clips, and paper clips all have in common?

All of these products can connect important documents, which come in handy at work. If you also want to protect documents, you can learn more here about paper clips. They can preserve the condition of the paper and help while you are organizing works in progress.

Binders are another solution for storing training and product information. If you’re worried about using a hole puncher in the papers, try plastic sleeves for protection.


Although most business is conducted online, pens are still a necessity at work.

Pencils are great for engineering positions, however, they aren’t recommended for most businesses. Pens are needed because they can’t get erased and won’t fade with time.

When you think you’ve added enough pens to your cart, add some more. Pens will disappear just as quickly as you purchase them. If you have the money, you should consider adding your logo to them for marketing purposes!

Shipping and Packaging Supplies

No matter what type of company or job you have, packaging supplies are typically needed.

Stamps, boxes, and envelopes will help you conduct business quickly, without having to stop at shipping companies. Some people get printing machines that can print packaging slips for simpler shipments.

Don’t forget to grab tape and bubble wrap to help protect products. If you are going to ship fragile items, bright stickers and foams can prevent damage.

Is It Time to Order Office Stationery?

When it comes to running a business, you need to think about all of the details—even to the last paper clip.

Office stationery is an essential component of business budgeting and shouldn’t get underestimated. Paper, pens, and paper clips quickly disappear and need to get replenished. Ordering these supplies before you run out can keep yourself and your staff from wasting time and energy.

Try not to forget about all of the ways that these simple items can keep you organized.

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