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New Generation Features That You Cannot Miss Out In Your New Vehicle

Many buyers will take some time researching the right car to own in 2019. You feel happy when pressing that button on the internet to make that order. You should remember that the vehicle you choose should make an effect on the decision of your friends and family members due to the unique features. Many young individuals prefer SUVs in the range of 2019 that have incredible features to make driving easy and cater for your safety. When you choose the SUV correctly, your pick can determine the next buyer of the car. Whether you are making the order for your car for the first time or you know your way through the process, the following are some of the features your car should have to serve you in 2019 and beyond;

  1. Backup Cameras

The element is crucial, especially when the driver cannot see clearly due to dust and dirt on the windows. One can change the cameras to have various views making driving much safer and more comfortable. Also, the SUVs use Global Positioning Satellites that helps in locating your location. The GPS gives you a turn-by-turn direction to know your way. The system uses small video screen, screen voices, or both. The system can locate an ATM, hospital, Gas station, or a police station. Also, the system guides you out of traffic, and you can always get your way no matter how lost you get. The manufacturer positions the sensors on strategic points where dirt cannot get easily. When you install a GPS, the system records numerous addresses where you visit mostly.

  1. Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a preferred feasible option that should exist in the SUVs in the 2019 range. The system allows you to enter your car by pressing a button on a remote. The feature enhances personal safety where you do not struggle trying to get in your vehicle using keys. The entry is safer, especially in a dark area since you press the button ones to open the driver’s door and press twice to open the passengers’ doors. Therefore, you do not have to fear that an intruder might jump into the car through the passengers’ sides.

  1. Anti-Locking Brakes

Your new car should have an anti-locking braking system. The effectiveness of the feature can get demonstrated to you by the car dealers. The system gives you full control of the car when driving on a slippery surface. When you break on a slippery surface, the wheels cannot lock, and the driver has full control of the steering wheel. When driving on a snowy day, remember to engage the ABS to steer around an obstacle or another car ahead of you. When the brake pedals pulsate upon applying the ABS, you should not get worried since that is an indication that the feature is working effectively. You can practice applying the feature in an empty parking lot with no obstacles. Also, use a considerable speed of ten to 20, and when the brake pedals pulsate, the car will stop on a straight line.

  1. All-Wheel Drive

Today, people want to have powerful SUVs to manage the challenging weather conditions. For instance, you can compare the power and economy in Escape vs Tucson. You can always get a better picture from comparing two of the same arena’s SUVs when it comes to making a purchase decision. Many SUVs have electronically-controlled All-Wheel Drive system. Previously, many cars had manually engage four-wheel-drive system where the operator would engage when required. However, whether the four-wheel system is electronically or manually engaged, the outcome is equal. The electrically-controlled all-wheel drive takes effect when the car reaches a certain power threshold. The system applies the power of the engine to the ground through the four wheels, and the car accelerates out of a slippery surface.

  1. Adjustable Pedals and Telescoping Steering Wheel

The 2019 range SUVs have incredible features, like telescoping steering wheel (moves in and out), adjustable pedals, and height-adjustable steering columns. The features allow shorter and taller people to assume a comfortable position on the driver’s seat while keeping a safer distance away from the airbag. Also, shorter drivers can step on the pedals comfortably.

  1. Roadside Assistance

You can find yourself stuck in dangerous places when you get a flat tire, go out of gas, or have a dead battery. Therefore, you will need reliable means on how to call for help. The 2019 range SUVs come with a package of a roadside assistance system as an addition to the warrant. In tradition, people would call for rescue teams, like AAA in America and CAA in Canada for life monitoring agencies.

  1. Power Outlet 

Latest SUVs have a power outlet on the center console that one can use to charge phone or light a cigarette. The feature is a measure of safety where the driver rests assured to keep the phone charged all the time.

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