Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction: Are They Worth It?

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If you’ve landed here today, it’s likely you have erectile dysfunction, or ED, and are looking for solutions.

You’re not alone in this experience. In fact, 30 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunction, too—a treatable condition that affects a man’s ability to get or sustain an erection.

Because of the commonality of ED, you can guarantee you’re not the first person to Google how to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

Still, it pays to be cautious when you take advice from unvetted sources. You might have noticed a slew of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction in your search results—things that sound easier, more convenient, and perhaps more affordable than seeking professional treatment. There’s also the compelling advantage of being able to DIY rather than having to visit a doctor’s office.

We understand the appeal of homemade solutions—but are they worth it? Can they do more harm than good?

Below, we explore some of the most common DIY erectile dysfunction treatments you might see online or hear from a buddy’s buddy, and give them a Yes or No on the worth-it scale.

Lifestyle Changes Like Better Sleep, a Healthier Diet, Exercise, and More

One result you might see when researching how to last longer in bed is a lifestyle change. For this natural remedy, think about your day-to-day habits.

Do you eat large meals right before bed, settling in on a full stomach? Do you smoke cigarettes regularly? Do you put off exercise, have trouble sleeping at consistent times, turn to fried foods when you’re in a pinch?

Some experts suggest that making healthier lifestyle choices can help with erectile dysfunction. Here’s what the research says.

Is This Natural Remedy Worth It?

The answer is yes.

The opposite of these things—a poor diet, lack of sleep, a smoking habit, stress—may contribute to your erectile dysfunction occurring in the first place. If you experience depression or anxiety at the hands of ED or poor lifestyle choices, you’ll become caught in a cycle that perpetuates the condition.

For one, sleep deprivation leads to poorer circulation and lower testosterone levels, making it more difficult to sustain an erection. It also leads to general sluggishness, which results in lower cognitive functioning and maybe even irritability with your partner.

When it comes to things like diet and exercise, the studies show both of these have positive effects on men experiencing erectile dysfunction. That’s because a poor diet and a lack of exercise can lead to things like obesity or heart disease—both contributing factors to ED. By eating healthier and prioritizing regular exercise, you’ll experience a boost in overall health (mental and physical!), hopefully contributing to a healthier sex life, too.

Finally, if you’re a smoker, getting rid of ED might be the incentive you need to quit. Smoking can contribute to impotence because it damages blood vessels, resulting in poor blood supply to the penis. By quitting, you may be able to reverse this unfortunate symptom.

Focusing on good mental and physical health is an excellent way to stave off ED (or other conditions!) and even supplement doctor-approved ED treatment. Research smoking cessation options if necessary, adopt a consistent sleep schedule, prioritize exercise, and choose healthier food options. If you’re still experiencing ED, you can talk to your doctor about alternatives, such as Viagra.

A Squirt of Toothpaste for Improving Longevity

Some men who have erectile dysfunction can become aroused, getting an erection—they just can’t keep it firm long enough to have satisfactory sex.

If that applies to you, you might be looking for DIY treatments that can improve longevity instead.

One myth that circulated was putting toothpaste directly on the penis. Because some toothpaste contains numbing agents, some individuals assumed that the numbness would transfer to the penis through topical application, allowing the man to stave off ejaculation or keep an erection.

Is This Natural Remedy Worth It?

The answer is heck no.

In this article, you’ll find plenty of reasons for skipping this DIY treatment option—scarring, burning, inflammation, pain, and redness, to name a few. Many chemicals that are in toothpaste, such as bleaching agents, essential oils, or micro-abrasives, can be harmful to the penis and can be dangerous for your partner, too.

There’s also the chance the toothpaste could get into your urethra, requiring you to seek medical attention—something you may have been trying to avoid in the first place. It’s safer to consult with a doctor before doing something you’re unsure of, not after—especially when it means putting harmful ingredients near that area.

Those Male Enhancement Pills You See by the Cash Register

Have you ever been in line at the gas station only to notice a stand of male enhancement pills when you reach the front?

The box boasts promises like Works in minutes! Lasts for hours! All-natural! Guaranteed!

It’s just one pill—Is it like a Viagra? you think. It can’t be unsafe if they’re selling it right there in the local bodega, right?

So, you buy the box and hope for the best. Here’s what you can expect.

Is This Natural Remedy Worth It?

The answer is definitely not.

You know what they say—if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In this case, the cliche rings truthful.

The Federal Drug Administration, or FDA, specifically warns against supplements like this due to their harmful side effects. These magic pills are not FDA-approved, meaning your doctor wouldn’t recommend them, either. The same guidelines apply to other supplements or herbal remedies you might see.

The FDA has noticed a slew of products that include hidden and/or undisclosed ingredients. If you wound up in the hospital, you wouldn’t even be able to tell a doctor what you took if they asked. That’s not a fun guessing game to play when your life is on the line.

Another thing to consider is if you’re already taking prescription medications, such as something for the heart, you might experience dangerous complications from mixing the two. Some of the “mystery” ingredients reported in these supplements may not mix well with medications you already take, causing problems.

Additionally, some men have noticed erections that last much longer than anticipated from taking pills like these. After all, you’ll need to leave the house at some point.

The FDA is working actively to get “medications” like this off the shelves, but you may still run across a store or two that’s slipped through the cracks. Don’t be tempted.

Buy Looser Underwear, They Said

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, there are so many myths—but there are also facts sprinkled in there. The statements that border fact and fiction tend to be the most dangerous because they seem authentic, sometimes, in the right light. Bogus treatments are obvious, allowing you to move on to the next—it’s the genuine-sounding ones that get you.

One of those statements we’re alluding to suggests tight underwear causes erectile dysfunction. When a man wears tight underwear, it tends to increase the temperature in that area, including the testicles. Because of that, some people began associating tight underwear with ED.

That means that looser underwear could be a DIY treatment for ED. Right?

Is This Natural Remedy Worth It?

The answer is no.

Buying less tight underwear wouldn’t harm you, but it wouldn’t help you in the bedroom, either. In fact, wearing underwear that doesn’t fit could cause its own problems—being uncomfortable, for starters.

When it comes to this connection, no studies have made a scientific link between tight underwear with erectile dysfunction. Stick with the Hanes you love, and talk to your doctor about real solutions.

Skip Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction in Favor of Professional Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that requires care from a medical professional.


For one, having a fulfilling sex life is crucial to fostering our mental and physical well-being. We deserve to have satisfactory sex, sans complications, especially if the condition is treatable. Your doctor will be able to determine the underlying causes of your ED, allowing you to follow safe and approved treatment plans.

Additionally, your ED might be an unfortunate symptom of a different health problem, like heart disease. If that were the case for you, you’d be much better off learning the truth than practicing potentially harmful natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Determining the root cause is one of the many reasons to skip DIY treatments.

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