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Most Popular Types of Coffee Roasts

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There’s nothing like the scent of roasted coffee beans wafting from your kitchen in the morning. Though it might seem simple, burning the beans is an art that is honed, passed down, and handled with care.

If you are a big fan of your morning joe, then you already know how unique the beverage can be. But how far do you really know your coffee?

Do you know your light coffee roasts from your dark? Read on to learn!

Light Roast

Light roast coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee roast. It has a mild, light-bodied flavor that can be enjoyed without the addition of cream or sugar.

Compared to darker roasts, light roasts tend to have a higher acidity, making them a great choice for those who prefer a more subtle taste.

The light roast coffee beans are usually roasted until they have reached a light brown color and are not left in the roaster until they have started to produce an oily surface.

This type of roast is most commonly used to make a mild cup of coffee, but it can also be blended with other roast levels to create a unique flavor.

Medium Roast

Medium roast coffee falls within the middle of the spectrum for coffee roasts. It’s a medium brown color, with a slight oil sheen. This type of roast is slightly darker than a light roast, but not so dark that it takes on the smokier flavor of a dark roast.

The heat used for medium roasts is a bit less intense than for a darker roast, and its flavor profile is mostly balanced. It has more body and strength than a light roast, with the acidic bite slightly subdued.

Many specialty coffee drinkers prefer medium roasts as they pick up more flavorful notes from the beans, such as nuttiness, sweetness, and chocolate.

They also provide a good balance of caffeine, allowing you to have a cup as early in your day as you need without feeling like you’re downing too much of a stimulant.

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Dark Roasts

Dark roast coffee beans are by far the most popular types of coffee roast. Dark roasts typically produce a full-bodied and intense flavor profile.

Roasting the coffee beans so that they reach darker levels of roast gives them stronger and smokier flavors and more body than lighter roasts. The faintly bitter aroma produced by dark roast beans is one of the most desired characteristics among coffee connoisseurs.

Dark roasted coffee beans often give off an almost charred flavor, making them perfect for brewing espresso. This roast is best enjoyed with milk, as it gives off little or no acidity.

Learn More About Coffee Roasts Today

Coffee roasting is not just about adding flavor to your cup, but also about finding the perfect roast for your individual preferences. With the abundance of roasts available, everyone is sure to find their favorite.

Discover your ideal coffee roast today, and start sipping the flavor you love!

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