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Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Design Tips for Your Home

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Every homeowner wants to create a lasting impression on their guests. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, these design tips for your home would help you achieve that:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get an open design – With an open plan design, you can make your home look a lot bigger and more spacious. For instance, if you adopt an open plan design with the living space, kitchen, and dining area, you create an illusion of vast space. It also makes people in those areas very accessible. Just the thing you need during a home meet.
  2. Use pendant lights – Lighting can make a huge difference in your interior design. Ditch the boring circular ceiling lights if you want to make an impact. Instead, use pendant lights for the modern interior. Don’t opt for the generic metal wire or large diffused bulb design. Search the market thoroughly to hunt for something extraordinary and uncommon. It should help you make a vivid visual impression and also tie your home decor together.
  3. Add some shine – Shine has always been the mark of excellence for most things. It goes the same way for your interior design. Add some brilliant shine to your living space with metal accessories and decorative pieces made from steel or bronze. You can also use crystal art pieces. Combine that with large windows or a room design that allows plenty of natural light inside your home and you get a killer combo.
  4. Use hardwood on the stairs – Most interior decorators usually go for a neutral white or grey backdrop for the home. However, they often forget a crucial part of your home. The stairway. When you add elevation to your home, use hardwood decoration. The stair steps can be made from polished dark hardwood floors that contrast with the light solid colored beautiful hardwood railings. It adds a ton of elegance to your home.
  5. Choose inspiring colors – Color can make a very big difference in your interior design. Color also affects lighting significantly. You also need to take other factors like the warmth of the furniture and accessories into account when you choose a color scheme for your room. While you can stick to the tried and tested neutral colors, you can also go bold with colorful patterns that add a unique charm and aesthetic appeal to your home.
  6. Don’t be shy of unique designs – If you can spend a bit more than usual, consider buying boutique furniture that stands out in every way. You can use that piece of furniture to grab the attention of everyone to a particular spot in the room. Guests will easily notice that part of the room. You can add other decorative pieces to that place to make a style statement or keep it minimal and simple, whatever represents you.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these design tips to decorate your home and add that edge of brilliance that guests don’t usually expect.

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