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Make A Dramatic Statement Even in Small Rooms With Crystal Chandeliers  

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Who said that chandeliers can be used only in large rooms and living areas? Today, crystal chandeliers also have their place in bathrooms, kitchen, foyer areas, or bedrooms. They make a dramatic statement by providing the best ambiance lighting up the entire volume of any living space.

A properly measured crystal chandelier is the focal point of a small space. You need to create a balance of proper lights along with the fixtures that won’t overwhelm a small space.

Sofary offers you a huge range of compact and mini chandeliers that will easily complement your small room whether it is modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, or classic. They have made a big name as a reputed chandelier company as they will help you with a guide to different types of chandeliers so that you can select the right size for your room.

Right from the beautiful and modest to modern types of chandeliers, their Square Rain Drop Crystal Ceiling light, Modern Spiral Rain Drop style, Mini Modern Spiral Style Rain Drop are a few contemporary chandeliers perfect for bedrooms and small spaces.

Chandelier for Kitchen

  • Go for a flush or semi-flush mounted crystal chandelier if you have a low ceiling kitchen
  • You can keep lots of sparkle with a crystal-studded pendant or a chandelier
  • Two small crystal chandeliers at the two corners also look good and add a spark of vintage charm to the kitchen area.
  • Such small crystal chandeliers quietly complement the overall look of your small kitchen area

Chandelier for dining area and foyer

  • Crystal chandelier for the dining area depends on the room size, design, ceiling height, and shape of the dining table
  • For a rectangular table, a rectangular chandelier with or without spade will look good
  • For round shaped tables, a drum shade pendant is ideal
  • Sometimes, two or even three small crystal chandeliers look better
  • If you have a long table, think of lighting up the area lengthwise and make sure to illuminate the two-third center of the table
  • One of the best ways to get the right light and look is to go for several small crystal chandeliers rather than one big one.
  • For the foyer area, a flush mount may be an ornate option.
  • The size of the lighting fixture will depend on the height and width of the entry hall

Chandeliers for bedrooms and bathrooms

  • You can keep a chandelier with or without a shade for bedrooms and bathrooms
  • For bedrooms with a low ceiling, a flush or semi-mounted flush lighting is perfect
  • Go for simple, sleek but modern looking chandeliers as they would give a contemporary look to your bedroom
  • If your room is full of architectural interesting articles then go for an elegant, classic, and traditional crystal chandelier
  • Mini crystal chandelier or empire chandelier with matching wall scones sets the tone of a small bathroom

Crystal chandeliers for small rooms create a huge impact on the overall design of your room. Regardless of what your style and choice are, Sofary has a small crystal chandelier that would fit perfectly in your space with the right amount of lighting.

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