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Main Factors, Causing The Damage To Your House Foundation

The expansion of soil is one of the major factors behind the damage to the foundation. This soil also has minerals, like smectite clays. These minerals are able to absorb water. While they start absorbing water, their volume gets increased. This volume alteration may cause stress on the structure, and thus, you will find the issues of damage. Cracked floors, walls and foundations are common damage issues, caused due to swelling of soils. The shrinkage will also weaken your building. Thus, you may hire the professionals from Abry Bros to repair the foundation.

We have found out the factors that cause the foundation to get weakened.

Changes of season

Wet and dry weather condition in the winter and summer season cause the issues on the soil bed. Consistent swelling or shrinking can make the foundation much weak. The change of weather in every season is one of the major factors that may affect the base of the building.

Issues of your drainage

The issues of the house foundation problems are always related to the amount of moisture. While the moisture amount is very high or low, it will cause issues. The accumulation of water near the home is also caused due to gutter system.

Leakage of plumbing under the slabs

The leakage issues cause much amount of moisture or water in a spot. The slabs will also lose their stability. While you think that there is a leakage under these slabs, you may call the professionals to solve the issues.

You have to repair the issues with the installation of drains and swales and retention of gutters or walls,

Large trees and shrubs

Most of the large trees have tap roots, and they take much water out of the soil. These big trees can also absorb more water on every day. While the root systems are close to the foundation or base, the process of drying can cause shrinkage issues.

The major moisture difference in moisture percentage causes the base part to get shifted. The roots of trees can become a barrier that may cause issues of the foundation. Thus, if the roots have damaged the base, then you can call the professionals and know the average foundation repair costs.

These are main factors, which are related to the damage to your house foundation. As the foundation is the most important part, you should maintain it.

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