Main Aspects to Invest Money in 2023

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10 of the main aspects that will mark the digital transformation of companies and institutions this year:

  1. AI for good relations : Technologies such as natural language processing, image or audio recognition, combined with data visualization, today make it possible to structure, analyze and visualize insights and motivations of the various stakeholders.
  2. Democratization of data : Data-driven cultures will be increasingly valued in organizations that will have the mantra that “the best way to do your job well is to make use of the information that is generated by intelligence teams”.
  3. No cookies, no party : Other information models are emerging without the use of cookies, more transparent and “clean” ways. Thus, brands are increasingly betting on building a first party data that allows them to better understand their audiences.
  4. Immersion in the future : We are just a few years away from moving massively into the metaverse: virtual reality and augmented reality devices will be part of our lives by 2030, breaking all barriers between what is reality and what is virtual.
  5. From the digital age to the quantum age : Quantum computing will make it possible to process a huge volume of information at exponential speed and will be complex and specialized systems that will become present in scientific, technological and even corporate contexts.
  6. Fluid audiences: We are no longer segmenting the audience by age or gender, but are now analyzing them according to their behavior and the community they belong to at that moment – a fluid characterization, in constant experimentation.
  7. Multi-cloud architectures : Nowadays, the Cloud service is much more than storing information: it is one of the main allies of technological teams to break down barriers to the intelligence capacity of companies.
  8. The momentum of inclusive marketing : Inclusion is a gap on a global scale – not just in the digital sphere. In a society where diversity seems to have no place, inclusive marketing comes to think of all people, not just the majority. It is in the whole that diversity is included.
  9. Technology in (and for) talent : Transforming technology talent within companies is not only more advantageous, it is also healthier for a company’s corporate culture. AI will make it possible to customize training adapted to each employee.
  10. Deep digital leadership : True digital transformation is not just about tools and technologies: it involves profound cultural and strategic changes. Digital transformation requires digital leaders who think, act and react differently.

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