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Lyft Teams up with Google

Recently, we learned that Lyft teams up with Google to develop driverless cars in blow to their competitor Uber who is also trying to accomplish this. When it comes to many different businesses, competitors are always finding ways to attack one another therefore this is why the online reputation management Los Angeles company is in place. The two company’s have chosen to work together on pilot projects with the aim of making mainstream self-driving technology. The reason why this is causing so much tension, is due to the fact that Uber and Google have been fighting a lawsuit over the systems that are behind their autonomous cars. Google’s Waymo has been trialing driverless minivans in Phoenix, Arizona and claims that this deal will help expand its tests.

Lyft has a strong vision and commitment to improve the way cities will move with the help of the Waymo’s self driving technology that can reach more people in more places. Google currently has plans to make their driverless vehicles available to the public in 2020. There is a ton of testing being done to prevent any further accidents after they had tested it back in the day and there was one minor crash into a bus with this driverless car.

Since Google is now working with Lyft, it will give the technology giant access to swathes of data and they are eager to join the autonomous vehicle battle with a powerful ally. Uber will be affected since they have been hitting multiple roadblocks in its autonomous vehicle ambitions and they are continuing to fight the lawsuit that Google has against them behind the self-driving vehicles. This ride-hailing application is separately facing a criminal investigation by the US government over the secret Greyball technology that it is accused of using to evade regulators according to Cara McGoogan.

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