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Look after your virtual pet in the best pet games

Pet games are usually recommended for girls, which is very unfair to other gamers. After all, boys are deprived of an excellent opportunity to have fun with hamsters, horses, penguins, pandas and, of course, cats and dogs. How is it possible to play with them?! Oh, a choice of pet games is really huge!

In pet games you can see fascinating puzzles, quests, arcades, shooters and other genres. If your kid has long dreamed of having a pet, pay special attention to the games about Cats and Dogs. Or maybe he would rather try himself as a farmer? Develop cattle-breeding skills in specially designed simulators. Pigs, cows, chickens, and rabbits will bring him fabulous income if he organizes his agricultural enterprise with feeling, with sense and with the arrangement.

Children are waiting for new meetings with their favorite characters: with Timon and Pumbaa from the Lion King, lemurs from Madagascar, and many, many others! All of them will come to life and play with new colors with your direct participation!

You can start playing with your child from these two excellent pet games here:

  1. Animal Shapes 2

In the second part of the game Animal Shapes 2, we again will solve a puzzle dedicated to animals. But now it will be various pets. The meaning of it is quite simple. You will see images of pets on the screen. Selecting one of them you will find yourself on the playing field. Around it there will be different sizes of elements with scraps of images. You will need to take them one at a time and drag them to the playing field. There, connecting them with each other and rearranging them to the places you need, you will have to restore the picture to the whole state. When you have finished, you will receive points and go to the next animal.

  1. Tom`s Trap-O-Matic

Everyone knows well the mouse of Jerry and Tom, who is always hunting for him. Now you can also take part in the capture of restless Jerry: for this you only need to help Tom build a trap designed for a mouse out of improvised funds.

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