Role of Development and Learning

Live and Learn: What Is the Role of Development and Learning?

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Did you know that 59% of millennials say they prefer working for a company that gives them opportunities for learning and growth?

Development and learning do not need to end when you leave school. In fact, upskilling and reskilling in the workplace can help employees evolve. They may be able to take on technical roles they may not have considered when entering the workforce.

Keep reading to go more in-depth about learning and development. Learn how it can help your company retain employees and teach them the relevant skills to help your business thrive.

What is Learning and Development?

HR departments use development and learning to help the employees of an organization learn new skills. These skills can help them perform better within an organization. Employees can learn everything from managerial skills to technological skills. With the ever-changing landscape of technology, allowing employees the opportunity to learn new tech within the organization is valuable to the employee and the business.

Your company may have a director of learning and development. In their role, they create a learning and development strategy. This strategy may involve hiring outside companies to come in and teach employees specific skills. The goal of learning and development programs is to align the employees’ goals with the goal of the employees, thereby increasing retention rates.

Why is Development and Learning Important?

Learning and development are essential for many reasons. Employees these days are looking for development in their roles within a company, and many people specifically search out work where they can learn and grow.

If you as a business can provide this opportunity to your employees, you will likely see lowered employee turnover rates. Employee turnover can cost a company time and money, so investing in your employee’s development now is a good idea.

Proper training can also ensure productivity and profits are up. If everyone working for the company knows what they are working toward and are well trained, this can help a company get the best out of their employees. Adding in an element of coaching can also empower employees to succeed on their terms and the company’s terms.

How Can Development and Learning Help Your Company?

Development and learning can help your company grow in so many ways. Millennials will be the majority of the workforce by 2030. Come up with a learning and development strategy that can help you attract and retain those millennial employees. If you are interested in learning and development jobs or want to become a director of learning and management, there are programs that can help you achieve this dream.

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