Lighting Up Your Backyard Basketball Court Made Easy And Convenient

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Are you passionate about basketball? You would relish every opportunity to play the game. However, you may not have a basketball court nearby to play the game as and when you need. You could make the most of your backyard space in such an event by constructing or installing a basketball court to meet your specific gaming needs.

After installing the Basketball court (สนามบาส, which is the term in Thai), you could enjoy endless hours of fun playing basketball without any interruption. However, the only interruption would be to play the game after dark. Consider installing backyard basketball court lighting to play the game when you wish to avoid such an interruption.

Factors To Consider When Lighting Your Backyard Basketball Court

When you consider lighting your backyard basketball court, it would be imperative for you to keep certain aspects in mind. Find below a few essential factors when installing lights in your backyard basketball court.

You would come across specific building codes, including closeness to the border, foot-candle restrictions, height limitations, and more. It would be vital that you understand the building code, as it might restrict the height of the lighting pole.


It would be a vital aspect to consider when installing lights for your backyard basketball court. The several expenses involved would be the cost of the fixture, maintenance expenses, the cost of installation, and the operating costs. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to choose the lighting from a reputable supplier, which would help you reduce operating and maintenance expenses.

Light Spillage

The spilling of light to the nearby areas such as the premises of your neighbors could disturb them. Therefore, you would be required to control light spillage by restricting the foot candles of your light.

How To Plan The Lighting

Let us delve into planning the lighting for your backyard basketball court.

  • Understand the sports lighting standards or measurements taken in foot candles for illuminating your backyard basketball court. It would be based on a square foot basis.
  • The lighting requirements for an indoor court are different from an outdoor court.
  • The lighting requirement would be based on the audience watching the game. Therefore, install a light of lower intensity for your backyard basketball court.
  • The lighting requirement would be based on the size of the backyard basketball court.
  • Provide adequate lighting for the sidelines.

These aspects would ensure you have an adequately illuminated backyard basketball court that does not disturb your neighbors.

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