Legal status of Duromine in Australia

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When you are planning on purchasing Duromine in Australia, you will require the aid of a doctor’s prescription for making a legal transaction. It is considered to be illicit to buy the product without a valid prescription. Duromine is another commercially available form of Phentermine, known by another brand name and is marketed by pharmacies like Chemist Warehouse that has various locations across the world and you can even ensure a safe purchase with the real forms of Duromine. Chemist Warehouse has a large network of online websites selling Duromine supplements. Once you have made your purchase at the Chemist Warehouse, you cannot return the product as there are no policies of refunds or returns on any kind of medications. Another option is Pharmacy Direct which is again a Australian online website that sells authentic Duromine products all over the world. You can place an order there and complete your transaction through a debit or credit card. But even in the facility here at Pharmacy Direct, you cannot return any product once you have bought it since the company does not allow any refunds on prescription-only drugs just like Chemist Warehouse on any dietary medications.

What is the actual cost of Duromine?

The cost of the product mostly depends on the source from where it is purchased. The price offered for 30 capsules, each of 15 mg dose strength in Chemist Warehouse is around $94.99. It has been introduced to the Australian market with a price of $109.50 for 30 tablets of 30 mg strength or 30 mg to 40 mg capsules for $126.99. If your order is above $99.00, you can avail the free shipping offer to enjoy the benefits. Thus for a prescription of 30 mg or 40 mg capsules of Duromine, you can opt for free shipping. But if your order values less than $99.00, then you have to pay a standard flat shipping rate of 8.95 dollars.

The price list of Duromine at Pharmacy Direct is again different. The price rate for 15 mg to 30 mg strength capsules is around $105.99. You can also buy the 30 mg to 40 mg capsules for 139.99 dollars. There is even provision to get 30 Duromine pills of 30 gm strength each within a price rate of $115.99. The same shipping charge is expected when you are buying less than $99.00 and more than that, you can buy it for free shipping costs.

What is the dosage recommended?

Many individuals compare their results with other users with respect to the time of exposure to the drug, dose strengths, fitness cycle and extent of side effects caused. This does not make sense and also gives rise to a lot of controversies since every individual is unique in their body composition and fitness goals and thus the dosage cycle will also vary from person to person.

Patients are suggested to take one capsule of 30 mg daily along with breakfast. Duromine has been introduced to the Australian market and you can easily buy it online.

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