Learning Cleaning Foam Is Not Difficult Use

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Norca Air conditioner cleaning foam ( ร์ ก้า โฟม ล้าง แอร์, which is the term in Thai), foam is a collection of little balloons created by forming chemicals. Foam is formed when its particle get mixed with water and air. The work of foam to clean a solid surface just leaves it with the surface with few water droplets and let the foam do its work. In an air conditioner cleaning, has a huge role it not only clean the surface but helps in cleaning panels too. It is easy to use when loam gets off it will pass out through the pipe with the aides of water, in the end, it provides you outdoor and indoor cleaning. It is a good option to clean the air conditioner of your house and even the car air conditioner. It also removes the rotten smell from the cooling panel and leaves the air conditioner panel with a fresh fragrance. It removes blockages and odor caused by lubricant spots, smoking stains, and dust, etc.

Product Peculiarities

Norca Air conditioner cleaning foam easy to use and handy, it does not affect the air conditioner parts do not oxidize the material and erode. Saves time and pocket friendly not acidic in nature so one air conditioner is safe. After cleaning cooling is increased because cooling is distributed evenly. Assists in increasing the life span of air conditioner thus also help in saving money. Its other features include that it leaves one car or room air conditioner with a pleasant fragrance and removes the rotten smell

Also cleans germs, bacteria, dirt, stains, and fungi, etc. from the inner and outer panel. It cleans the inner panel so effectively that it increases the life span of the air conditioner. Reduce the collection of fat, dust, and slime. After washing boosts the productivity so saves power.

It does not alter the environment so it is eco-friendly, does not destroy the microorganisms in the practice millpond. Chemicals do not affect the cleaners hand or any part which is in the contact.

How To Store

Norca Air conditioner cleaning foam store it in a cool and dry place well-closed, away from kids, keep away from direct sunlight, and heat. Store it at room temperature

And keep it away from pets. Consuming this cleaning foam is strictly prohibited, be careful while using do a skin patch test and do not let it get into your eyes and to any wound. Try wearing gloves and please switch off the air conditioner before doing any cleaning.

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