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Landscaping Around AC Unit: Functional Designs

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Did you know that almost 90 percent of homes in the United States use air conditioners? Whether you live in a warm climate year round or you experience rising temperatures in the summer, it is important that your household stays cool and comfortable.

Have you ever wanted to design landscaping around AC units so that your system doesn’t stick out? Here are some tips for how to make it look attractive and still have a functional air conditioning unit.

Use Climbing Plants

Have you always dreamed of vines or climbing plants, but you do not know where to put them? Placing trellises around your AC unit is a great place because they protect the system and can disguise it for a functional AC landscape.

Some of the best plants that you can train to grow on a trellis include wisteria, star jasmine, and ivy. If you want to take it a step further, try growing vegetables such as peas.

Try Installing a Screen

If you do not want to create an entire landscaping around the AC unit, a simple solution can be installing a screen. You can place privacy panels around the unit made of a breathable screen material.

You can easily move these screens out of the way if your unit needs service or replacement.

Leave Room Around the Unit

Although you may be tempted to bunch your plants up close to the air conditioner, you should always leave room around it. If you do not have enough space, it can cause the air conditioner to overheat and cause damage. It may increase your electric bill as well.

In addition, having flammable material such as plants near an HVAC unit is a fire hazard. Use best safety practices and give your unit some breathing room.

When you have room around the air conditioning unit, you can also make it easier to repair or replace your AC. The contractor will be able to access what they need and make the necessary changes without ruining the aesthetic of your backyard.

Shrubs and Bushes

If your AC unit is small, then you can utilize shrubs and bushes to effectively keep it out of sight. These will create a thicker layer around the unit, making it more difficult to see.

Make sure that you trim your bushes regularly to avoid overgrowth. If they get too close to the unit, you could be at risk for a fire or damage to the air conditioning system.

Landscaping Around AC for a Beautiful Yard

If you want a functional air conditioning unit and a great yard, you should not have to only have one or the other. With these tips, you can perfect landscaping around AC and stay cool during the summer months.

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