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Labradoodles The Cute And Friendly Pets

Doodles have become very popular in the recent years and every puppy lover wants to own them. Doodles are fun, friendly, intelligent, hypoallergenic and full of life.  But the increase in demand for doodles has led to the increase of puppy mills, which is bad news for both the dogs and the dog lovers.  These puppy mills mass produce the dogs without any care and love for them and in the most inhumane conditions.  Disease and abuse are rampant in these mills, as a result, the dogs are sickly and do not behave well.  If you are a dog lover never buy these puppies. If you are looking for Australian or Golden labradoodle Vermont, there are many great breeders who breed the puppies with great care and passion. These puppies have a health warranty covering the dog against the most harmful genetic disorders.

Golden labradoodle Vermont

Labradoodles are the dogs whose parents were a poodle and Labrador retriever.  Australian labradoodles, on the other hand, are bred for decades and their lineage is complex. They have six different parent breeds like Labradors, poodles, English cocker spaniels, American cocker spaniels, curly coat retrievers and Irish water spaniels. Since these dogs are bred for generations their physical and personality traits are predictable. The negative and undesirable traits which arise out of genetic variance are eliminated. These Australian Labradoodles do not shed and are much calmer when compared to the normal Labradoodles and they are emotionally intelligent, socialize well and are easy to train.

Golden Labradoodles are really cute dogs and are a cross between the toy or teacup poodles and golden retrievers. They are the best bet for families who love Labradoodles but do not have space and energy for the bigger varieties.  Golden Labradoodles come in 4 sizes micro mini, mini, medium and standard.

If you are looking for a breeder for Australian or Golden labradoodle Vermont, uptown PUPPIES is the best place to visit. They are a dedicated doodle specialist who knows the breed very well and make sure each litter is happy and healthy. The Labradoodles here are unique and truly special because of selective breeding. They have unique color combinations and markings which cannot be found anywhere else. They are breeding Labradors for over a decade and their dogs have the best genetics, friendliest dispositions, and amazing pedigree.

While choosing a puppy for your family do not just go by the color and shine of the coat or a cute face.  You have to consider a lot of factors like the size of your home, whether you have kids in the family, do you own other pets, the time you will be able to spend with your dog , the kind of exercise you will be giving the dog and many more. The role of a good breeder is to help you find a perfect puppy that suits your lifestyle and requirements. They must be willing to show you around the kennel and look around the condition the dogs are maintained.

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