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Know About The Custom Of Smashing Cakes on Weddings

The traditional custom of smashing cakes on weddings actually dates back to the ancient Roman times. According to the Romans, this tradition of cake smashing was to break the cake over the bride’s head. This ritual was meant to subject the women as the husband’s property after the marriage. However, over the years, this tradition of breaking cake over the bride’s head has come to a halt. In fact, today this tradition of smashing a cake in weddings has a whole new notion behind it. Read this article to know how the tradition of smashing cakes on a wedding has become a must on weddings nowadays.

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Today, Cake smashing ceremony symbolizes equality and love for each other. Yes, in the 21st-century women have their own identity in a man’s world where they are breaking stereotypes and achieving wonders in their life. Nowadays, men and women are equally contributing to the nation building and their families. Similarly, when it comes to marriages, the bride and the groom take vows to protect each other forever and celebrate the beginning of their new life with a cake cutting and smashing ceremony. These days, people celebrate their wedding day with a delicious multi-tiered cake from either online cake bakery shop or from a cake store. During the cake cutting ceremony, the bride and groom cut a cake and feed the first slice of the cake to each other. Nowadays, another ancient ritual with an entirely new meaning has been added to the cake cutting ceremony known as cake smashing. According to this ritual, the groom and the bride smash cakes on each other symbolizing their love for each other. Smashing cakes on each other is really a fun and unique way to mark the beginning of a married life.

Cake smashing ceremony takes a wedding ceremony to new heights. Yes,

This ritual lights up the entire environment of a wedding. Guests seem excited and happier while the bride and groom are embracing each other with cakes. This ritual does not only double the happiness of a wedding but symbolizes the enlightenment and empowerment of women over the years. Earlier, women who were subjected as mere objects now holds equal importance in the society. However, smashing cakes on weddings is completely optional. It is completely up to the couple who are getting married. Although this ritual is sporting and entertaining, you should think twice whether you would like to stain your wedding dress with creamy frosting or not.

This is how this tradition of cake smashing on weddings has evolved with the times and added a new essence to this ancient tradition. So, whenever you get married don’t forget to indulge yourself and your groom in this delicious mess.

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