Kitten Care: Important Ways For Caring Your New kitten

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Kitten care is one of the things every cat owner should know how to do. It does not matter if you have just brought home your first cat or you have a dozen cats to care for, the basic elements of kitten care are the same. The first thing that you should learn is how to feed and bathe your kitten.

kitten care usually begins with you as the mother animal taking care of her newborn. You will need to know how to handle your kitten properly and make sure she is warm and comfortable and that she has everything she needs to be healthy as she gets older. Or you can read famous pet care blog here for better understandings!


Kitten care then involves you teaching your kittens how to behave and adapt to their surroundings in general. When they are old enough to eat on their own, they need at least four weeks of proper care before they will be weaned. During this time, you can start to introduce them to other animals and different stimulating toys to make sure they get used to being in an environment that is familiar to them. During this time, they will become less fussy when it comes to eating and drinking and this will go along way to making them into independent and strong little creatures.

Once you get your little kittens ready to be weaned, you will need to prepare the litter box for them. Some people prefer using the plastic type of litter box but cloth types work just as well. Either way, place the box where your cat will have access to it most of the time. It should be in a place where your cat can look at it without needing to climb over it or move it. If you cannot find a good spot, you can line the bottom of the litter box with a towel so your kitten will feel comfortable and know where to lay.

You can teach your kitten to drink from a drinking bottle using either a cup or a bucket. The idea behind this technique is that kittens cannot yet fit in the mouth of adults and as such cannot drink from a bottle. Instead, they need to drink from a cup that has a small hole in the side. Once they have learned to drink from the cup, you can slowly remove the bottle from their sight and eventually replace it with a towel so they cannot drink from the bottle. This is a very important technique because bottle feeding is vital for Feral kittens who have not had a chance to develop a proper latch on to humans.

Another important part of kitten care is when weaning comes to place. Weaning means that your kittens may begin eating small pieces of meat such as chicken or beef. Small pieces of food will help them grow into healthy chewers. You may even consider weaning your kittens during this stage rather than waiting until they are older. Waiting until they are six months old is too late to wean them!

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