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Keeping Your Phone in Good Condition

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You can’t picture a day without your mobile phone, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. People all across the world are constantly on their phones in this modern day. Today, even most businesses are now handled over the phone. So, whether your mobile phone is crucial to connect with loved ones or make business calls, you must keep it in excellent working condition. After all, each phone costs hundreds of dollars, and replacing them frequently can make a dent in your wallet.

You are here maybe because your old phone only lasted a year and you want to be cautious with your new expensive cell phone. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place because I’ll show you how to get the most out of your precious phone. Just look at the tips below, which are quite simple to implement.

Protect the Screen

Have you ever had a headache because your phone was unresponsive? This was the result of your screen catching dirt and debris.  It’s therefore always a good idea to put on the screen protector as soon as you get your new phone. This not only keeps your screen clean but also protects it from breakage, scuffs, falls, and scratches. However, to keep your phone looking as good as ever, replace the scratch guard once every six months.

If your phone’s screen breaks by chance, don’t freak out. Simply take it to an authorized service center; if it’s an Apple device, go to the iPhone repair center; if it’s an Android device, go to the brand’s service center. The experts will do their job and replace the broken screen, and your phone will be as good as a new one.

Buy Mobile Case

Do you have a clumsy personality? Are you not as careful as you should be? Whether you say yes or no, there is always a possibility of you dropping your phone. The unpleasant drop may cause external damage, such as screen breaking, or internal damage, such as a broken charging port. As a result, purchasing a mobile cover is the solution your phone needs to survive the drop.

I understand it’s a bummer to mask the beauty of your phone, but there are hundreds of attractive cases to choose from. So go purchase one immediately, but don’t be tricked by inferior cases. Purchase a high-quality cover to ensure that your phone remains undamaged even if it is dropped to the ground.

Clean Daily

Even if you use a mobile cover and scratch guard, your phone will still attract a coat of invisible dust and dirt. When dust accumulates, the performance of your phone may suffer, and you may catch a germ. Make it a habit to clean it once a week using a natural DIY alcohol solution and a muslin cloth. Also, don’t forget to remove and clean the case.

Be Careful

This may be difficult, but you should be cautious about the smallest of things. Keep your phone in a pocket or somewhere safe to prevent fall damage when leaning on balcony handrails. Try not to carry your phone in purses/pockets with anything that might damage the screen, such as a key. Keep your phone away from moisture, which means don’t take it to the bathroom, and remember to take it out of your pocket before going for a swim in the water.

Do not charge fully and use the phone while charging or use it in dark mode to extend the battery life. Finally, keep your phone safe from harsh temperatures. Extreme heat or cold has the potential to harm internal components, especially the battery. As a result, avoid exposing it to the sun and charging with a case if your phone heats up while charging. Remember, these minor things make a big difference.

Free Up Storage

Apps are often preinstalled on mobile phones. Take some time out and delete apps that you no longer use or require. Besides that, clear caches to clear junk files. In addition, use an SD card to extend storage and free up internal memory. Trust me, doing so keeps the phone from slowing down or becoming unresponsive and greatly improves its performance.

Download from Reliable Sources

To prevent malware and viruses from infiltrating the phone, do not download apps from untrustworthy sites. This malware degrades phone functionality and steals your privacy. As a result, always download from reputable sites such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Upgrade OS

Always ensure that your device is using the latest version of the operating system. The most recent upgrades include bug fixes and security patches, which improve the phone’s performance and security.

So, that’s all about keeping the look and feel of your phone new and keeping it up and running better for at least 2 to 3 years.

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