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Taking Care of Your Pets during a Pandemic

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When the pandemic started, people were scrambling to buy the supplies they need at home. And everyone hunkered down and stayed home to avoid getting sick. While many households had enough supplies to last them at least a week, others had to consider the supplies they needed for their pets.

Taking care of a pet during a pandemic is challenging. Initially, there were isolated reports of animals getting infected by the virus. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that it could not spread through animals.

But the virus is not just one of the challenges pet owners have to deal with. They also need to buy food for their pets, let them exercise, and bring them to a veterinarian. Here are some of the things pet owners should do to keep their pets healthy in the middle of a health crisis.

Keep Them Hydrated and Fed

Food and water are the necessities of humans to keep them healthy and strong. Similarly, your pets need nutrition and should be well-hydrated to remain healthy. With this, pet owners should make sure to feed their pets on a regular schedule. They should have a good inventory of pet food. One to two months’ worth of food is a good amount to have at home.

Aside from food, pet owners should also have a clean bowl of water ready at all times, especially during summer. If the regular food of the pet is not available, pet owners should consult their veterinarian about the type of food they can use.

Some pet shops offer a wide variety of pet food that pet owners can consider. Besides regular pet food, these shops also have wet food options that pet owners may want to give their pets. Pet owners can also look into personalized meal plans for their pets. But before they start any meal plans, pet owners should check with their vet.

Let Them Exercise

Another thing that your pet need is exercise. Humans need to exercise to stay healthy. In the same way, your pets also need to exercise. Going on a short stroll around the neighborhood is a good way for the pet to get some air. But pet owners should observe health protocols until the pandemic is over.

Since young pets, especially dogs, can get playful when they meet other animals or even people outside the home, pet owners can train them to behave when they go out. If they cannot do it themselves, they can enroll them in puppy-training schools. With this, they can bring their pets outside with the knowledge that their pets can get some playtime without getting into trouble.

Give Them a Bath Regularly

Even as the risk of your pets contracting the virus is low, it’s still important to bathe them regularly. But before pet owners groom or even touch their pets, they should wash their hands. Similarly, after taking care of their pet’s hygiene, they should wash their hands. Pet owners should also clean the coat and paws of their pet with pet wipes or a wet cloth after they return home after a walk in the park.

They should avoid using sanitizer on the coat or paws of the pet since many of these sanitizers contain alcohol. Alcohol tends to react to their pet’s skin and may cause alcohol poisoning. Additionally, pet owners should maintain the cleanliness of the food and water bowls of their pets. They should also clean the rugs or beds of their pets regularly.

Consult a Veterinarian

People consult their doctors regularly, especially during the pandemic. Similarly, pet owners should also consult their veterinarians to monitor the health of their pets. In the past, visits to the veterinarian’s clinic were necessary. But the pandemic increased the use of the internet for medical consultations. The same thing goes for consultations with veterinarians.

A lot of veterinarians offer online consultations for pets. With this, pet owners can connect with a veterinarian to address their concerns about their pets. They can ask for general wellness advice for their pets. If necessary, some veterinarians offer home visits to address the concerns of pet owners. These home visits are useful for pets who need a physical checkup by the veterinarian. It also facilitates the vaccination of pets.

So, pet owners need to keep the contact numbers of these veterinarians who offer home visits if they need them to deal with a health issue affecting their pets.

Pets typically offer their owners an unconditional love that remains unmatched. Due to this, pet owners should make sure to take care of their pets even in the middle of a pandemic.

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